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Benefits of Composite Decking

A relatively new decking product, composite decking has seized the residential decking world by storm and it’s not hard to see why. With a myriad number of benefits including a long life, incredibly low maintenance, color retention, and rot resistance, composite decking has a whole lot to offer and Excel Fencing and Decking is here with the details.

Long Lasting

In comparison to wooden decks, composite decking offers a substantially longer lifespan. Because it’s composed of a mixture of vinyl, wood, and a few other recycled materials, composite decking isn’t subject to the same problems that plague wood decks. Composite decking offers ample resistance against UV rays, sunlight, harsh winds, and moisture, meaning it’ll be standing proud long after its wooden neighbors have been torn down and rebuilt several times.

Low Maintenance

Wood decking requires a fair amount of maintenance and upkeep to stay in good condition. It’s prey to mold and rot, and can crack or splinter without regular staining treatments. Composite decking was designed as a Solution for those tired of dealing with these perennial decking woes. It doesn’t require any sort of staining or sealing. While composite decking, like any material, can theoretically grow mold on its surface, a quick scrubbing easily removes it. They also won’t splinter, meaning they’re much kinder to bare feet than their wooden brethren are.

Keeps its Color

Composite decks are also very popular because of their consistent, unfading coloring. Because the planks are manufactured rather than culled from natural trees, they all appear identical. Wood decks, if not stained and treated regularly, will see their color fade after a few years. While this weathered look is popular with some homeowners, those looking for a deck with a bright, vibrant color will be unsatisfied.

Want a Beautiful Composite Deck?

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