Composite Decking

Recent decking and deck building trends have seen a sharp rise in the construction of decks made with composite decking materials. Popular brands like Wolf PVC have become one of the top choices for homeowners looking to build a deck that uses the most advanced science and technology to ensure lasting quality and looks. Excel Fencing and Decking is one of the most experienced installers of Wolf PVC and other composite decking in the Baltimore and greater Maryland area. There are many reasons to choose composite decking, like:

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Ultra Low Maintenance Decks

Products like Wolf PVC or composite decking (like Azek and Trex Decking) are specifically engineered to resist the elements, retaining their brand-new appearance and beauty for years and years. Wolf PVC and composite decking requires no sealing, painting, or staining, and thanks to its natural weather, warping, and insect resistance, it’s almost never necessary to conduct any plank replacement.


While traditional wood decks occasionally run the risk of causing splinters or slips, Wolf PVC decking is completely splinter-free and highly slip-resistant, making your deck that much safer for children, pets, or anyone strolling without shoes.

Safely Designed Decks
Cost Efficient Decks

Highly Durable and Cost Efficient

Natural wood decks will eventually lose their beauty after repeated exposure to weather and temperature shifts, possibly becoming warped or cracked. Wolf PVC and other composite decking is manufactured in a way that virtually eliminates these problems, increasing deck toughness and decreasing the chance that it’s beauty will ever diminish. This toughness makes Wolf PVC and composite decking far more cost efficient than traditional decking. While the up-front price of natural wood is less, when you factor in the price of annual maintenance, cleaning and sealing, a Wolf PVC or composite deck can pay for itself in as little as five years. 

Low Maintenance Vinyl Decking

Increases Home Value

Wolf PVC decking isn’t just invaluable for all it does for your daily life, it also adds substantial value to your Baltimore or Maryland property. If you’re thinking about remodeling but are also worried about a big loss if you sell your home in the future, Wolf PVC decking is absolutely the best choice for building a new deck.

Low Maintenance Vinyl Decking
Customizable Decks

Beautiful, Customizable Appearance

If you’re worried about Wolf PVC or composite decking appearing ugly or fake in comparison to natural wood decking, fear not! Wolf PVC or composite decking is available in a wide variety of styles, colors, and configurations, a large portion of which flawlessly mimic the look of natural wood. With an even greater variety of options at your disposal, Wolf PVC or composite decking can match the look of any home on the market.

PVC Composite Decks

Need PVC/ Composite Decking?

Then contact the composite decking installation experts with Excel Fencing and Decking. Our highly trained and experienced decking professionals have what it takes to offer you the very best in composite decking at astounding prices. In addition to Wolf PVC products we also offer Azek and Trex decking.

We believe in providing quality customer service and will stay on budget and complete any decking job quickly, taking care of everything from design to permit acquisition to the installation itself.

If you need a reliable and affordable decking contractor in Baltimore or the larger Maryland area then Contact us today and let your journey with Excel Fencing and Decking begin.

PVC Composite Decks

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