A Deck you Can Enjoy All Year

Mar 17, 2021 | Decks

A Deck you Can Enjoy All Year

Spring officially starts on March 20, but Marylanders know that doesn’t necessarily mean that sunshine and warm weather will be here from now on. In fact, the average low temperature in northern Maryland for March is 34 degrees. In April, it bumps up to 44. While it’s getting closer to a climate where you can comfortably enjoy being outside, it isn’t exactly the best news for people like us who can’t wait to start enjoying evenings on our deck again. How can you create a deck you can enjoy all year ?

Add a Rooftop 

Rooftops make a great addition to any deck because they offer great benefits for each season. In the winter, you’ll greatly reduce your snow cleanup time and preserve the surface of your deck. In the spring, a roof allows homeowners to enjoy beautiful April showers while keeping dry and comfortable. Once summer rolls around, harsh sunsets can be made a lot more bearable with the shade that a rooftop provides.

A Deck You Can Enjoy All Year Focuses on Comfort

Making your outdoor living space an extension of your indoor space can significantly improve its usability on those ‘neither cold nor warm’ days. Steel and cast-iron yard furniture are durable and provide a great aesthetic, but you should favor weatherproof furniture, cushions, throws, blankets and rugs for maximum comfort.

Add Heat Sources for A Deck you Can Enjoy All Year

For those committed to thoroughly enjoying their deck year-round, we recommend choosing one or multiple heating sources. A fire pit or space heater will keep your deck warm even on the coldest nights of the year. Alternatively, you could always get creative and use a grill or hot tub as a means to keep warm.

Add Some Color

Having just been through the winter, we all know it can feel quite gloomy at times. Adding color is a great way to keep your deck aesthetic looking bright and welcoming regardless of the temperature outside. Pillows, rugs and even plants that bloom in late winter are a great way to spice up your space and ring in the spring.

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