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Basement Remodeling | In terms of making a quality investment, it’s better in the long run for many homeowners to consider basement finishing rather than moving. A finished basement not only increases the usability of your home, but also ups its future resale value immensely. Even at the most basic level, a basement with floors, walls, insulation, and heating can greatly increase your home’s market value by adding to the usable square footage.

Kitchen Remodeling | At Excel Fencing and Decking we know just how important your kitchen is to your family. A kitchen is one of the most used rooms in any house, and it’s important that it’s both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional. Excel is here to free your imagination from its shackles, unleashing your dreams and creativity to create the perfect kitchen. When you’re working with trained kitchen remodeling and Home Improvement experts like the ones at Excel, the entire process can seem like a breeze. We have access to all the top quality brands and materials you could ask for, and our staff’s dedication to providing superior customer service is unparalleled.

Bathroom Remodeling | A modern bathroom can function as anything from a simple expression of your design personality to a luxurious sanctuary, fit to rival any five-star spa in atmosphere and extravagance. If your master bath, guest bath, or powder room could use a good sprucing-up beyond a new set of towels, contact the Baltimore area’s premier bathroom remodeling company, Excel Fencing and Decking. Excel specializes in bathroom remodeling in Baltimore, and greater Maryland area, bringing a wealth of experience and professional knowledge to any bathroom remodeling or home improvement project. From tub and sink replacements to totally tile and tub overhauls, we’ve got you covered.

Nursery Themes for Spring 2022

Nursery Themes for Spring 2022 Spring has sprung, and the season of new beginnings is upon us once again! If you’re welcoming a little one soon, we have some home design ideas for you! Here are ten fun nursery themes for the spring of 2022.   The Chronicles of Narnia Picture a snow-dusted forest, a
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Convert Dining Room

Convert Dining Room Inventive Ways to Use Your Dining Room Your formal dining room has gone unused for too long! If dust is gathering on the tablecloth and your china cabinet has gone woefully without compliment, you probably don’t use your dining room very often, and in today’s fast-paced society, who could blame you? But
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Excel Roofing

Excel Roofing At Excel, we like to say that our clients “experience excellence”– and we aim to fulfill that goal with every project. We’re not just experts on fencing and decking anymore. Excel has an extensive repertoire of home improvement experience, and in this post we’d like to present our case for why our team
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Energy Efficient Upgrades

Energy Efficient Upgrades Earth Day is right around the corner, and it’s a great reminder of the impact our actions have on the planet we live on. There’s a lot to be fixed, but luckily, there are many simple energy efficient upgrades and steps every one of us can take to help the environment. Here
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Separate Work and Play

Separate Work and Play Over the past two years, we’ve all gotten closely acquainted with our homes…maybe a little more than we’d like. Working from home has some redeeming qualities, like going to “the office” in your pajamas and eating cereal during a Zoom call while your camera’s off, but it gets old after a
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Kitchen Update Style Trends

4 Kitchen Update Style Trends Kitchen designs have been evolving nonstop. If you want some ideas for a kitchen update, check out these 4 stylish trends.   Kitchen Update with an Open Floor Plan For a long time, kitchens were smaller areas where people would only prepare meals and cook. However, kitchens have evolved more
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Importance of Home Improvements

Importance of Home Improvements A large part of being a homeowner is upkeep and making home improvements. You may be perfectly happy in your home in its current state but making big or small improvements to your home can increase your enjoyment of it, as well as several other factors. Today we will go over
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Fence and Deck Maintenance

Fence and Deck Maintenance is Easy Fences and decks do not require much maintenance throughout their lifetime and are very easy to keep up with. Today we will go over the ease of tasks to keep your fence and deck long-lasting and in good condition year-round! Fence and Deck Maintenance is easy! Depending on what
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Basement Remodeling Ideas

How Do You Imagine Your Basement Remodel? There are a variety of ways that basements can be fixed up. Everyone may imagine their basement differently. It all depends on your wants, needs and space to decide what works best for you. Here are some basement remodeling ideas. Do you plan to host large gatherings? If
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Curb Appeal

Why Everyone Focuses on Curb Appeal… Today, the focus on curb appeal has increased. Homeowners have been focusing much more on how their house looks from the street and want to make improvements so that they have one of the “best looking houses.” Curb appeal is the first impression If you are looking for a
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