Wooden Decks – Why We Love Them

May 4, 2022 | Decks

Wooden Decks – Why We Love Them

No, we’re not missing a question mark in the title. This post explains why natural wood has been and remains a top choice for homeowners building new wooden decks. As an exterior renovation company, it’s pretty safe to say we’re experts on this sort of thing– here’s why we love natural wooden decks!


Aesthetic Appeal

Classic and elegant, natural wooden decking never goes out of style. The material compliments all types of siding and housing styles without appearing tacky or generic and can be customized to suit your needs. Some homeowners even choose to mix and match colors, painting floorboards and railings differently for a new look. That’s the advantage of wood– you can keep that rugged appearance with a clear stain or choose another color entirely depending on your vision.


Plenty of Wooden Decks to Choose From

First up is pressure-treated lumber! This option has been the most widely used natural wood decking material for decades, and for good reason– not the least of which is its affordability. Most pressure-treated wood is cut from southern yellow pine and the type we use is specially treated to repel wood-damaging insects, decay, and fungus. One note– this type of lumber should be power washed annually for the best results.


Next, we have redwood and western red cedar, popular for their rich coloring and distinctive natural beauty. These types of wood also possess special oils that make them naturally resistant to rot, decay, and ravenous insects, decreasing the need for any chemical treatment. Redwood and western red cedar also weigh much less than other wooden decking materials and have a greater resistance to warping and cracking. This does mean they’re a little more expensive, but considering their benefits, it’s safe to say they’re worth the cost!


Last but certainly not least, tropical hardwoods make up a diverse group of lumber originating from regions like South America, Malaysia, Africa, and the Philippines. These materials share  high density and durability as well as a natural resistance to wood-rot and insect damage. Because of these advantages, tropical hardwoods are often the most expensive natural wood option, but they also require the least upkeep. Decking built from these materials require, at most, a coat of wood preservative and the occasional scrubbing.


Good as New

The main reason homeowners choose synthetic decking materials is due to maintenance concerns, but in reality, wooden decks can last several years in good condition before they require serious touch ups. This timeline can be seen as a blessing in disguise– it’s your cue to give the deck a good power wash and apply new stain or paint. So if you’ve gotten a bit sick of the original shade you chose, never fear– there’s a perfect opportunity to start again with another color. You can enjoy the satisfaction of having a good-as-new deck every few years!


Thinking of Wooden Decks ?

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