Vinyl Fencing

Excel Presents Vinyl Fencing

We know that the decision on what type of fencing material to select for your new fence can be difficult. With so many options ranging from wood picket to ornamental aluminum, finding the right fence for your property can be incredibly difficult. One of the most popular options available through the fencing experts here at Excel Fencing and Decking is vinyl fencing. There are a number of reasons that vinyl has become an incredibly popular choice for residential fences:

White low-maintenance vinyl fencing

Virtually Maintenance-Free

The first and foremost quality that makes vinyl fencing such an attractive option is its durability and low maintenance requirements. While rust, mold, and deterioration are all common fence problems, a vinyl fence from Excel is almost immune to these dangers. In the unlikely event that a repair is needed, we can easily detect and fix it. Vinyl fencing requires little upkeep other than washing with soap and water once a year.

Easy, Affordable Installation
Vinyl Fencing is incredibly easy to install, requiring a much less invasive installation process than other types of fencing. Because of this, and our advanced installation techniques, our vinyl fence installation process is very affordable, even more so than our other fencing options.

Tan Vinyl Fence

Increased Home Value

Vinyl fencing can substantially increase your home’s overall curb appeal and your home’s property value. Potential buyers are more likely to notice, and pay more for a home that boasts secure, durable, and low-maintenance fencing. Some insurance agencies will even offer better deals on home insurance if they know a home is protected by a sturdy vinyl fence.
Two-tone Vinyl Fence

Need a Vinyl Fence?

Then contact the vinyl fencing installation experts with Excel fencing and decking. Our highly trained and experienced fencing professionals have what it takes to offer you the very best in vinyl fencing at astounding prices. We believe in providing quality customer service and will stay on budget and complete any fencing job quickly, taking care of everything from design to permit acquisition to the installation itself. If you need a reliable and affordable fencing contractor in Baltimore or the larger Maryland area then Contact us today and let the journey with Excel Fencing and Decking begin.
Two-tone Vinyl Fence

Complete Customization

With Excel, your vinyl fencing can be completely customized to fit a yard of any size, style, or gradation. Vinyl fencing’s extreme versatility also lends itself to use on virtually any kind of property, blending seamlessly with both older and contemporary architecture.

Contact us today and let the journey with Excel Fencing and Decking begin.