Install Accent Lighting on Your Deck

Nov 10, 2016 | Decks

accent lighting

The snow is coming soon. Keep your deck looking fantastic year-round with some accent lighting!

The colder weather is fast approaching here in Baltimore County and that means your time out on the deck is coming to an end. You’re probably already preparing your deck and yard for the upcoming winter season. Do you want to keep your deck looking good year-round, even during the offseason? You should consider having accent lighting installed on your deck this year! Accent lighting can be utilized on nearly any deck, from commercial to residential, to maximize its beauty and even provide security against potential slips and falls!

Adding Curb Appeal to Your Deck

Longer winter nights mean that the opportunities to add curb appeal to your deck are limited during this season. But accent lighting can help you cast your deck in the best “light”! Maybe you can’t enjoy your deck outdoors during the cold winter. But there’s nothing like viewing your snow-covered deck from the indoors awash in the warm glow of accent lighting on a winter’s night. This kind of beauty can add major curb appeal to your property not just during the winter, but all year long!

Two of Your Options

The two most popular options for deck accent lighting are deck post and step lighting. Deck post lighting illuminates your entire deck and provide a warm glow down on your snow-covered deck. Step lighting illuminates the stairs on your deck. This second kind of lighting not only makes your deck look great but can also increase its safety. Illuminating steps can help reduce the risk of slipping and falling during all seasons. In the winter, it can also help protect you if you need to go outside to remove snow from your deck and protect it from snow damage. And for commercial decks and patios, step lighting may be mandatory in some municipalities to help keep your customers, employees, and other visitors safe.

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