Comparing Vinyl and Wood Fences in Baltimore County

May 28, 2015 | Fences

While being close to the city, residents of Baltimore County can have the occasional encounter with deer, foxes and other wildlife.

Whether you want to improve your home’s curb appeal or keep wild animals at bay, fences in Baltimore County are crucial. Two popular choices in today’s market are vinyl and wooden fences, so which style would work best for you and your home?


A beautiful white vinyl fence.

Cost of Vinyl and Wooden Fences

Before picking a style, you need to determine how much land that a fence needs to cover. Vinyl fences are generally more expensive to install than wooden fences, which can really eat at a budget. When you look at the maintenance over time for a wooden fence in Baltimore County, however, you could really pay a lot in the long run if you aren’t meticulous with the upkeep. Wooden fences can have issues with insect infestations, wet and dry rot and water damage if they are not maintained. This can become a huge expense, so if you think maintaining a wooden fence will be difficult it may be better to invest in something a little more low maintenance like a vinyl fence.

Durability of Vinyl and Wooden Fences

It can be sunny and a perfect day one minute in Baltimore County and then a hailstorm can come out of nowhere! Vinyl fences are made to withstand most weather conditions, but extreme heat can damage vinyl and extreme winds can cause it to crack or break. Wood is durable against seasonal changes, but it is susceptible to water damage, snow and rain. Water damage causes a wooden fence to rot and warp.

Maintenance for Vinyl and Wooden Fences

With issues of rot and warping, homeowners in Baltimore County who want to invest in a wooden fence need to stain and repaint it every few years. A wooden fence also needs to be cleaned a few times a year to avoid mold and rot. If you can adhere to a maintenance schedule for your fence, however, there is nothing more aesthetically pleasing then a white picket fence! For those who may have difficult with the maintenance of a wooden fence, vinyl fences do not require a ton of work after it is installed. You will not need to worry about repainting vinyl fences and a simple power wash can keep your vinyl fence looking pristine.

While each choice is an excellent option, discussing the maintenance and initial costs with a respectable fence service will help make your decision easier.

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