Fence Painting Made Easy

Apr 3, 2015 | Fences, Home Improvement

Applying protective varnish on a wooden fenceAll winter long your Baltimore County fence gets hit with heavy, fast falling snow. Water seeps into the wood and eats away at the paint that you painstakingly applied months earlier. Harsh winds gnaw away at the delicate wood and turn a once elegant fence into a beaten up, rustic version of its former self. Finally spring arrives and offers a much-needed break from the elements. This is the perfect time to breathe new life into your fence with a fresh coat of paint. The task of fence painting might look like a simple one, but adding a fresh coat of paint to your fence won’t be a punishment if you plan ahead a bit.


Every few years, you’ll probably need a fresh coat of whatever it is that you apply to your fence. There is a great debate between staining and painting, but both effectively protect your fence from harsh weather. While you may have to apply paint a bit more frequently than stain, it is usually a cheaper option. Stain on the other hand, fades in a much more attractive way than chip-prone paint does. Whatever option you choose, pick a color, determine the amount you’ll need, and make sure you are familiar with the process.


There is no logic behind putting paint or stain on a broken fence. Locate any posts that need to be replaced. Make sure your entire fence is sturdy, stable, and level. Sand down any areas that are splintering, and prime your fence if your paint requires it. This process can take a few weekends of work, so it’s best to get it done well ahead of time so you can dedicate an entire day to painting.


Fence painting shouldn’t be a solo job. Ask your spouse, your kids, your best friends, or your Baltimore County neighbors to help out. The more people you’ve got on your team, the quicker the job will go. Set aside time to do it all at once so that everything goes on equally and dries under the same conditions. Choose a moderate, dry day to accomplish the task, and make sure you’ve got all of the tools and gear you need to be safe and effective.

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