Baltimore County Fence Maintenance Tips

Apr 17, 2015 | Fences

Fence and cleaning and maintenance

Clearing away debris is a major part of spring fence maintenance.

The weather is finally warm enough to tackle some of your more difficult spring cleanup projects, including fence maintenance. No matter what kind of fence you’ve got surrounding your home, spring is the perfect time to give it a good cleaning and a thorough inspection. If you need to have repairs done, spring is a great time to have your Excel Fencing and Decking professionals out to do what they do best. With a clean and healthy fence, there will be nothing standing between you and a great summer.

Fence Cleaning

When it comes to cleaning, each fence has a bit of a different procedure, but they all need it. During the winter and fall, debris is abundant. You have leaves falling, winds kicking up dirt, and heavy snow accumulation. All of these things can take a toll on your fence and leave it with an unsightly film of debris. When your fence is dirty, it just doesn’t have the same curb appeal as a sparklingly clean one. Do a bit of research on your particular type of fence, but know that most involve spraying water with a mild detergent onto your fence. Be sure to rinse it off once the job is done, and use something that won’t be harmful to pets, children, or your grass.


We all know that spring is the time of new growth, and while this is certainly beautiful to look at, it can be dangerous for your fence. Be sure to trim back any branches that may hang over your fence. Under the pressure of Baltimore County’s high winds, hail, and heavy rain fall, these branches could break off and do quite a bit of damage to your fence. Over the course of winter and spring, debris like fallen leaves, twigs, and dirt build up at the base of your fence. Some weeds may start to use the base as structural support as well. This process can cause the area around your fence to stay damp and weaken the stability of your posts. Clear this away during your spring cleaning to ensure a healthy summer and spring season for your fence.

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