Deck the Halls with Holiday Décor

Nov 28, 2018 | Backyard Fun

While this isn’t the type of “deck” we’re used to working with, we can still offer some tips on how to take your holiday décor to the next level! When it comes to the top trends for 2018, we’ve done the research for you. Now, all you have to do is unpack your decorations and have some fun with it!
Monochromatic Moments
We love a good theme as much as the next person, and color palettes are an easy way to organize everything. This year, try sticking to one particular color when decorating. Not throughout the whole house, but in each area. Imagine ornaments in every shade of blue or, better yet, a classic black-and-white Christmas tree! Then, you can vary the color choices from room to room. Put pastel decorations in the guest bathroom and metallic pieces throughout the kitchen. By changing the presentation of decorations you already have, you’re decking the halls like a pro. Not to mention, creating a stunning “wow factor” for your guests.
Go Big or Go Home
Well, you’re already at home, but you know what we mean! For outdoor decorations in 2018, subtle is overrated. Expect to see a lot of oversized lawn ornaments, particularly of the blow-up variety. Plus, statement-making light displays! You’ve probably seen a few houses in your neighborhood with interactive LED lights for the holidays, but this year you might see more of a vintage twist. Think classic neon lights with cheerful holiday greetings! This combination of fun and funky will let everyone know whose house is the most festive on the block.
Living Decorations
We love the idea of incorporating live décor—it’s really just following tradition! While everyone loves a full Christmas tree and evergreen garlands, experts are predicting another trend this holiday season. Succulents are already having a big year. Why not give them a festive twist? Add some ornaments, tinsel—even a Santa hat, if you want! As long as you remember the blooms, too. While live flowers will add a fragrant touch to your decorations, the faux versions can provide a similar impression (without needing replacement). Don’t feel like you have to stick with the traditional flora here, though. Poinsettias and holly are the obvious choice, but you can go for magnolias for a slightly southern flourish. Poppies, daisies, rhododendrons, etc.—the list goes on and on! Anything to add a pop of color to your holiday decorations is sure to be a hit.
While we typically stick to the more literal interpretation of decking, we hope you enjoyed these decorating tips! As you deck your halls this holiday season, if you notice any interior (or exterior) projects you need some assistance with, keep us in mind. Otherwise, let your creativity shine and take advantage of what the holiday season is truly about.