Deck Season

Jan 20, 2021 | Decks

How to Extend Deck Season

When the weather gets colder in the mid-Atlantic and northeast, many homeowners simply accept that deck season is over and look forward to spring’s arrival. While it’s probably best to stay inside when temperatures start to approach zero, we have some great tips to help you get the maximum out of your deck for the rest of the winter.

Fire Pit

Using a fire pit as a focal point for your deck can also provide a lot of warmth on chilly evenings. If you don’t have one yet, now is the perfect time to purchase one or even build one! There are fire pits out there to match virtually every aesthetic and budget, making this one of the easier ways to stay warm on your deck this winter.


On nicer winter days, grilling is a great activity that should keep you warm and allow you to spend some time with guests and family on your deck. Make sure to provide cozy blankets and pillows with your outdoor furniture, and enjoy the lack of kitchen clean up!

Hot Tub

If you’re looking for a way to ensure you’ll be able to enjoy your deck all year round, a hot tub will likely be your best solution. Hot tubs are a great way to stay warm, entertain and transform your deck into an investment you can enjoy regardless of the weather.

Take Care of Your Maintenance

We’ll concede that cleaning and maintaining your deck isn’t the most fun way to enjoy it, but once spring rolls around, you and your family can thoroughly enjoy spending time on the deck right away. Of course, if your deck needs a lot of TLC to be ready for warmer weather, call the experts at Excel Fence and Decking, and we can help you get there!

Extend Deck Season with Excel Fencing and Decking

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