Transform Your Deck Into an Outdoor Living Oasis

Mar 25, 2016 | Decks

Winter is slowly leaving Maryland, which means it’s finally time to think about your deck and outdoor living arrangements.

Some people believe you can just throw a bunch of furniture out on a deck, but we know that there is much more to creating the perfect setting than that! With a little planning, your deck can truly turn into an outdoor living oasis.


Transform your deck into an outdoor living oasis.

Buy Durable & Comfortable Furniture

You have a ton of choices when it comes to outdoor furniture for your deck, so it’s important to purchase furniture that is comfortable and durable. It’s not hard to find durable furniture like wrought iron or cast iron, but it’s not always easy to pair it with comfortable cushioning. But when you do, you and your guests will spend much more time outdoors. Focusing on the durability of your furniture is important, but also make sure to have it be comfortable!

Add a Hot Tub or Spa to Your Deck

Your deck will truly turn into an outdoor living oasis with a hot tub or a spa. Hot tubs and spas are great for entertaining, but they are also perfect for when you want to relax after a long day of work. A hot tub or spa will truly help melt all the stress away, and your outdoor space will turn into your own private oasis!

Creating an Outdoor Bar

Aside from setting up a space to eat, an outdoor bar serves as a great gathering spot on decks. You can throw in a few bar stools if you want, but people won’t mind standing when they are at your outdoor bar. This is really a great spot on your deck to encourage social interaction, and it also helps to make sure everyone isn’t just crowding over your outdoor dining tables. Bars also provide an excellent space for storage.

Provide the Right Lighting

If you plan on turning your outdoor living space into an oasis, you need to make sure you have the proper amount of light. Just having a spotlight or a flood light outside isn’t going to cut it. An outdoor living space needs to provide light for people to see when they are using a grill, as well as when they are sitting down to eat. Dimmable electric lamps, illuminated steps, and solar-powered accent lights are all great additions for your deck. When you combine a mixture of lighting sources, you can create a true outdoor oasis!

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