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Aug 4, 2021 | Outdoor Living

Outdoor Living is Natural Stress Relief

There are so many benefits to spending time outdoors and soaking up the beauty that surrounds us in nature. Your own backyard can provide you with so much enjoyment and fulfillment. At Excel Fencing & Decking, we can help transform your backyard into your own personal outdoor living oasis. Consider it an extension of the beautiful home you have created indoors. Here are a few perks of enjoying the summer season and weather here in the northeast by spending time outside.

Making the time for the self-care of exercising is very important. Our stress levels during the COVID-19 pandemic have been at an all-time high. If you can use your outdoor living space to stay active you’ll benefit from clean air, convenience, and a view that can’t be beat. (WebMD).

Sometimes we all need a break from our computer, phone, and television screens. While many of us have been telecommuting for the past year and half, some have been fortunate enough to set up an office outdoors on nice days. You may find that working outside allows you to concentrate and tap into some undiscovered creativity. If you can, start your morning each day with a cup of coffee or tea in your yard. It might just give you an extra pep in your step (The Wall Street Journal).

Vitamin D
Summer time is the best time to soak up some much needed vitamin D from the sun’s more intense rays. We all need to soak up this essential nutrient so our bones and cells can grow. Did you know that vitamin D has the added benefit of reducing body inflammation, while improving your immune functions. Sunscreen is key and be sure to limit your exposure to only 10-15 minutes a day to reduce your risk of skin cancer (Medical News Today).

Be Happy
When you walk outside and take that first breath of fresh air, it can change your whole mood and outlook on life. Take a walk with a neighbor or your family dog. Wash your car or power wash your deck. Lay in the grass and look up at the sky. Count the stars or take notice of the current phase of the moon. (Forbes).

You may be fortunate enough to have a pool or hot tub on your property. Perhaps you even live on or near a body of water. A soak or swim in a stream, lake, or ocean can improve your state of mind and relieve tension in your physical body.  Now more than ever it is important to pay attention to your collective wellness (Washington Post). Water features are a great landscaping addition to your back yard.

From deck enhancement to walking path installation, Excel Fencing & Decking has the products and services to transform your outdoor living area. Let us make your dream a reality. Call 410-803-9499 today to schedule your free estimate.