5 Ways to Supersize a Small Bathroom

Aug 19, 2020 | Home Improvement

5 Ways to Supersize a Small Bathroom

Our homes never seem to have enough space, but nowhere is that more apparent than a small bathroom. For as much use as it gets, the bathroom is often relegated to the smallest room in a home. There’s never enough storage space, and sometimes it is tough to maneuver in, and the problems are only worsened in a powder room or half bath. But there are several hacks that can help even the smallest bathroom seem larger. Here are some of our favorites.

Light is Right

Changing the paint color obviously will not increase the amount of space, but it does have a psychological effect that can make a room feel much more open. White and other soft, warm colors such as beige, powder blue, and soft gray reflect light rather than absorbing it, giving a bright appearance and airy feeling. Dark colors should be avoided, especially in small bathrooms where the feeling becomes oppressive. The visual struggle between sharp contrasting colors also makes a room feel smaller.

Mirror, Mirror

Another optical illusion that is guaranteed to make your bathroom seem much larger is installing a large mirror. It is a powerful effect that bounces light around the room, creating a sense of depth. In small spaces like powder rooms, consider a wall-to-wall mirror for a striking visual impact.

Cut the Cabinet

Cabinets and vanities may allow for extra storage, but they significantly eat up a room’s floor space. Replacing bulky cabinets with open stacked shelving is a good space saver, or for even more room, have a professional contractor like Excel Fencing & Decking, cut into the wall to create a wall niche.

Large vanities are preferred by some homeowners for the sizable counter top, but they also dash dreams of an open room. Consider replacing your existing unit with a floating vanity that still offers storage space while also exposing more floor area. For an even smaller footprint, downsizing to a pedestal sink will still provide all the necessary functions of a sink but at just a fraction of the space.

See-Through Shower

Another visual trick to open up a bathroom is installing glass shower doors. The real payoff is in the shower, where the influx of light will make you feel like you are in a much larger space. If privacy is an issue, tinted or frosted doors will limit the transparency while still letting in extra light.

Ditch the Decorations

Paintings, plants, and knickknacks all make a bathroom warmer and more inviting, but they also take up much-needed space. Wall hangings interfere with the play of light in the room, limiting the sense of depth. Figurines and other ornaments eat up shelving space, with is going to be in short supply if you are actively trying to open up the area. Save the decorations for other rooms where space is not so limited.

Whether you’re trying to make the most out of your small bathroom, or you’re just ready for a fresh new look, you owe it to yourself to use the most trusted remodeling experts in Baltimore, and that’s Excel Fencing & Decking. Give us a custom design that you want to see come to life or charge us with creating an amazing new bathroom experience that fits your space and budget. Either way, you will love working with our bathroom remodeling team. And as always, no project is finished until you are 100% satisfied!