Make a Small Room Appear Larger

Apr 5, 2023 | Home Improvement

How to Make a Small Room Appear Larger

Maximize Space: Make a Small Room Look Larger

Small spaces in a home may be cozy, but they can look and feel a little cramped.  The good news is there are tricks you can use to make a space appear larger.  These tips are useful for anyone who wants to spruce up their living space or put their home up for sale.


Note the Furniture Size

Watch the proportions of furniture pieces.  Always leave a little space between the sides of your furniture and the walls.  A sofa, for instance, that bumps up against the boundaries of the room is too large.  Scale down the furniture size. Think sleek pieces, not overstuffed ones, to maximize space.

Don’t put heavy pieces in a room that take up too much usable floor space.  If you want a large statement piece, consider hanging one on the wall. 


Keep it Low

A room will look taller if you keep furniture lower to the ground.  A loft bed or floor mattress can work in a bedroom.  Keep accessories below the lower half of the walls, such as pictures and lamps. Mid-century pieces are both low and leggy, allowing for light and air to flow through. Aim to create an open and airy feel in smaller rooms.


Focus on Openness

Mirrors reflect light and also the view, tricking the eye into thinking there’s more space.  Use mirrors to make a room look larger.  Stay away from drapes, curtains and rugs which block visual space.  You want to let plenty of light in.  If you want some privacy, consider soft shutters or lightweight blinds. 


Emphasize Vertical & Horizontal Space

Put one element in the room that will highlight vertical or horizontal space.  For instance, a tall bookshelf or shiplap wood paneling.  This trick promotes openness and enhances movement and flow.  You want the eye to travel around the room in an intentional and orderly way..  


Clear Out the Clutter

To free up space, take any items you don’t use out of a room.  Don’t push pieces to the edges.  Consider moving furniture to one side of the room, so people can easily pass through. 


Simple is Best

In order to make a space appear more open,  limit what you put in it. Keep it simple.  The more patterns and items you have, the more cluttered the room will look and feel.  This includes knickknacks, too. Paint only one wall or door in a single hue to add an accent. 


Choosing Room Colors

Soft, light hues create an open and airy space.  Cool colors, like blue, have a calming effect and are good for bedrooms or home offices. Warm colors make a room feel cozy, yet stimulating.   Use a neutral color scheme on upholstery fabrics, textured wall finishes, and tonal drapery fabrics.  Furniture and wall colors that match will give the illusion of a bigger room. 


Use See-Through Materials

Objects appear to be farther away if you can see through a material. Try replacing an opaque glass shower enclosure with a clear, frameless one.  The space will appear bigger since you can see through to the back shower wall.  The same goes for glass or lucite table tops. 

Taking simple steps to make small rooms appear larger will provide many benefits.  Space will open up, it’s easy on the eyes, and good for mental health, too.  Who wants to be in a cluttered, dark space on a gorgeous day?  A space that is open and airy will also appeal to potential homebuyers. 


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