Home Backyard Child Safety Tips

Jun 21, 2023 | Backyard Fun

Home Backyard Child Safety Tips

Protecting outdoor spaces is as key as childproofing your home. About 1 in 5 annual child deaths in the U.S. is due to unintentional injury. Here’s what you need to know to keep little ones safe inside and out.


Home Backyard Child Safety Tips – Basic Prevention

A key accident prevention tip is making sure children are monitored at all times. However, it’s impossible to watch them every second. You will need help to ensure your toddlers stay out of danger.

Childproofing and babyproofing are most often done in homes with children who are newborns up to four years old Parents need to consider their lifestyle, budget, daily schedule, and living space when choosing a safety plan.

Parents should never choose fashion over safety. This is a common mistake in childproofing spaces.  For instance, don’t focus on finding stair gates that match the décor at the expense of safety. It’s useless to install a gate if your child can open up the latch. 


How to Childproof Balconies

In order to stop a child from falling over a balcony railing, you need to make it hard for a child to access it.   Consider adding a latch or lock to the entrance a toddler can’t reach.  Avoid horizontal railings or those with designs that a child could climb.  Never place furniture against a railing.


Pool and Spa Child Safety

The more barriers you have to a pool or spa, the less chance a child will have of getting to it.

A short lapse in adult supervision is all it takes for a drowning to occur. Surround the pool with a fence that’s at least 5 feet high.   An automatic pool cover will add an extra layer of safety. Lock up all the pool toys after swimming is over..  Parents should also consider enrolling their children in swimming lessons.


Backyard Playground Safety

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, more than 200,000 children are sent annually to the emergency room with playground-related injuries.  Falls account for nearly 80% of them.  Injuries are most often caused by uneven ground surfaces, overcrowded play areas, unprotected high platforms, head entrapment spaces, and sharp points and edges. 


Poisonous Plants

Get familiar with the types of plants you have in your backyard and around the house.  Berries, mushrooms and other plant parts could be toxic if a child ingests them.  If there’s a problem, find a poison control center near you by calling 1-800-222-1222.


Other Outdoor Childproofing Tips

Stinging insects can put an end to backyard fun for the kids.  Take steps to keep wasps, hornets and bees away.  Immediately cleanup food after snack time.  Plant natural repellents like spearmint, citronella or eucalyptus in areas where pests may build nests. 

Backyard Chemicals should be stored in a locked cabinet.  Pesticides, fertilizers, gas and oil are harmful and often don’t come in childproof containers. 

Inspect garden tools before you use them. Check for broken parts or dull blades that could cause an injury.  There are safe garden tools for tykes available if they want to help.

Backyard fire pits are sparking an alarming increase in visits to the emergency room.  According to the CPSC, a quarter of these accidents occur among children under the age of 5.  Burn only hardwoods like ash, hickory and oak.  Always shield flames with a spark screen.


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