Deck Building Tips

Jan 5, 2015 | Decks

Helpful Deck Building Tips for Maryland Homeowners

If you’re thinking about having a brand new deck built for your Maryland home, you know that despite all the allure and many benefits a deck offers, starting the process can seem overwhelming. With so many choices to make and design elements to consider, first-time deck builders may have trouble figuring out exactly where to begin. That’s why Excel Fencing and Decking is here with a few helpful deck building tips for would-be deck owners.

Consider Low Maintenance Materials

While traditional wood is always a stellar option composite decking materials have become very popular over the past few years for a variety of reasons. They may not require staining, offer greater longevity and elemental resistance. They also come in a wide variety of colors, and often have extended warranties available, guaranteeing that your deck lives even longer.

Look at Deck Plans

Obviously, the key to any well-built deck is a well-designed deck plan. While you will probably want to draw up a custom deck plan with your decking contractor, it certainly doesn’t hurt to take a look at some of the free deck plans available online. This way you can get a sense of some standard deck layouts and weigh your options better when consulting with a Maryland decking contractor.

Think About Railings

Often overlooked, the railings that line your Maryland deck are almost as important as the construction that underpins it. They’re often the most visible and visually defining aspect of any deck. Deck owners love to lean on their deck railings to appreciate their yard or watch the setting sun, so it makes sense that deciding on what you’ll be leaning on is an important choice. Options range from composite materials to natural wood to custom metalwork.

Hire a Contractor

The most important step in any deck building process, hiring your Maryland decking contractor can be tricky. You’ll want to find someone who’s affordable but experienced, someone who can provide dedicated service and top quality materials while staying on budget, all the time. Fortunately the search doesn’t have to be difficult.

Just Call Excel Fencing and Decking!

Excel Fencing and Decking has been proud to service Maryland since 1998, giving you the very best in custom built decks, fences, and home remodeling. If you’re interested in having a top-quality deck installed then give us a call. Our dedicated teams of deck professionals have the know-how and expertise to repair or install any kind of decking. Call us at 410-803-9499 or fill out a contact form and one of Excel’s representatives will contact you promptly.

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