Winter Wooden Deck Maintenance

Dec 14, 2014 | Decks

There are few more devastating sights to a Maryland homeowner than seeing the kind of havoc and destruction that winter weather can wreak on a wooden deck. Extra moisture and extreme temperature changes can turn a pristine wooden deck into a rickety, collapsing mess through problems like ugly stains, wood rot, and mildew. Fortunately these hazards can be avoided by observing proper deck maintenance. Excel Fencing and Decking, your Maryland decking experts, are here with tips you should observe when preparing your wooden deck for winter.

Eliminate Dirt, Debris, Mold, and Mildew

While it’s almost impossible to completely prevent your wooden deck from experiencing elemental exposure once winter weather sets in, you can do your best to begin the season in top shape. Start out by getting rid of all the leaves and yard debris that’s made its way onto the surface of your deck. Wet eaves can cause permanent damage to a wooden deck’s surface, spreading rot and causing discoloration. Make sure to look at any debris that’s been stuck between your deck’s boards to ensure maximum air circulation, which will help your deck dry faster after any wet weather. Scrub and mildew or mold that you can find until it’s gone and make sure to move any planters or furniture off the surface of your deck.

Make a Deck Safety Inspection

Before putting your wooden deck to bed for the winter, remember that it’s an important part of deck maintenance to conduct a safety inspection.

  • You should begin your safety test by taking a look at your deck’s stability. Plant your feet on your deck and shift your weight around, trying your best to move it. If you can you may need to call a Maryland deck maintenance service.
  • Look out for Dry rot. This fungus is most often found where two sections of wood overlap, or where fasteners are connected to the wood. Usually appearing as brown, yellow, or white spots, dry rot should be noted, if found, and dealt with by a Maryland deck maintenance service immediately.
  • Make sure to perform a test of the strength of your wooden deck’s  handrails and stairs. Loose rails and weak stairs are a common and serious safety hazard that should be dealt with immediately by a Maryland deck maintenance service.
  • You should also examine the ledger joist when performing a winter deck safety inspection. The ledger joist is the area where your house is connected to your deck. The bolts that make this connection must be tightened once a year, at least. If you spot loose or even missing bolts, rot, or observe any signs that your deck may be separating from your home you need to contact a Maryland deck maintenance service immediately.

Need Professional Deck Maintenance?

Call Excel Fencing & Decking. We’ve been proud to service Maryland since 1998 providing the very best in custom built decks, fences, and home remodeling. If you’re worried that your current wooden deck isn’t outfitted correctly for winter, give us a call. Our dedicated teams of deck professionals have the know-how and expertise to repair or install any kind of deck, wooden or otherwise. Call us at 410-803-9499 or fill out a contact form and one of Excel’s representatives will contact you promptly.

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