Keep Cool….

Jul 24, 2019 | Home Improvement

Use Your Windows to Keep Cool This Summer

July and August often bring the warmest weather of the year.  The extreme temperatures in these dog days of summer leave many of us struggling to keep cool, even though we’re never far from an air conditioner. But all of this extra air conditioning comes with a cost.  In fact, American homeowners pay around $29 billion a year to chill out. Luckily, there are several low-cost and no-cost tricks to cutting down your escalating energy bills. Here are four ways your windows can open a path to cooler days and lower utility costs.

Cool Off Naturally

Opening the windows at night or on days when temperatures outside are cooler than those inside are both quick and easy ways to cool off. But understanding the direction of wind can offer your home a refreshing breeze that can’t be beat. First, invest in a windsock or weather vane. It will be a nice addition to your garden while being instrumental in keeping you cool. Now that you have a tool to show you which way the wind is blowing, you can seize the opportunity to cool your home naturally.  For this technique, you’ll need to open the upper part of the downwind windows, while simultaneously opening the lower part of those upwind. In doing so, you’re maximizing on the natural direction of the wind and creating your own cooling current indoors.   

Be More Energy Efficient

However you choose to cool down your home, old faulty windows are making you work extra hard. Cool air is escaping through cracks and leaks, raising temperatures and energy bills. Installing energy efficient windows offers an estimated savings of 12 to 33 percent annually on heating and cooling bills. At Excel Fencing & Decking, we offer customers a wide range of high-quality energy efficient windows that provide valuable protection for both your home and wallet. Give us a call if you are considering window replacement in Maryland. We’ll be happy to go over your current options and offer a professional installation to further lower your energy bills. 

Windows & Weatherstripping

Light layers might sound like a good idea on those hot summer days, but that’s not the weatherstripping we have in mind. What we’re talking about are the narrow pieces of vinyl, rubber, or other materials that seal around windows and doors.  Even though they’re a relatively small component, adding these little strips makes a big difference. Weatherizing seals the cracks and crevasses that cause drafts and account for a  cooling and heating loss of around 30 to 40 percent.

Curtains Closed

Keeping curtains and drapes closed during the daytime hours helps reduce the solar heat gain from windows. Thermal insulated curtains are great for keeping heat out, and drapes with white plastic backing provide additional protection against rising temperatures. Installing heat-reducing window film will also keep you cooler while protecting your furniture against the sun’s UV rays. Don’t cover south-facing windows, though.  You might need those when the days cool down during fall and winter.

If it’s heating up in your house this summer, don’t sweat it. These tips will help you cool down in no time.  And don’t forget the other benefits of installing energy efficient windows!  At Excel Fencing & Decking, our trained technicians have experience with so much more than fences and decks.