What are you doing this weekend??

Jun 6, 2014 | Gatherings

So you’re planning on a new deck or fence for your yard and need to save money on the side? Or your Excel project is finished and you want to put the finishing touches on your yard – this is just what you need!

I really love DIY projects. I also really love summertime. This article really nailed it on the head! There are so many simple, affordable ways to personalize your backyard and make it a “staycation” destination!

Some easy, effective projects I want to try:

Lemongrass plants help keep mosquitos away! An easy way to control those pesky bugs while adding greenery and a lovely scent.


You can use simple rope lighting to illuminate your flower beds, whether your bed has a stone border or not. Tack the rope along the edge of the bed. To upgrade this project, put the lighting on timer to light up at dusk.
For 49 other fun DIY projects for you and your family, check it out HERE.
Have a great weekend!