Welcome Your Thanksgiving Guests

Nov 20, 2018 | Gatherings

As you’re preparing for Thanksgiving guests, we wanted to take a break from our regular improvement tips to help you get ready! On the day before a big holiday, there’s always plenty to do—especially when you’re the host. To ensure you don’t forget anything on your ever-growing to-do list, we’ve chosen a few key areas to focus on. Then, you can enjoy the rest of your Thanksgiving weekend!
Start with the Front Porch
Not only is this your first opportunity to welcome your guests, but it’s also a way to help them find your house! Incorporate all the natural signs of fall, such as gourds, leaves, and other foraged items, for a look that’s effortlessly glamorous. If this subtle approach better suits your style, try to include one key feature that will draw your guests’ attention. Whether it’s an oversized wreath, or a giant, homemade “Give Thanks!” banner, they should be able to spot it from the street.
Of course, you could always go all out with winter-themed decorations and lights. It’ll save you from having to redecorate for the next holidays and help your guests spot your front porch from miles away!
Focus on the Smells
They say that smells bring the strongest memories. What do you think of when you picture past Thanksgivings? The scents of cooking food, pumpkin spice, and maybe even a cozy fire? Whatever you choose, just makes sure it smells good. Don’t be afraid to add homey touches like fragrant candles and freshly cut wood—on standby. If you have the time, a little homemade potpourri will do wonders! You can even make it into favors for your guests to take with them. So, the smell of your home and celebration stays with them long after Thanksgiving ends.
Prepare Your Pets, Too
While some pets love people—and some people love pets—neither trait is universal. As a responsible pet owner and host, it’s always a good idea to have a backup plan when it comes to your animals. Is there a space inside your house that they can have all to themselves? If so, make sure you move their food, water, and anything else they might need, to an accessible place within this room. If you’re planning on keeping them outside for part of the event, then now’s a good time to doublecheck your enclosure. Do you have a fence of the right height? Are all of the gates and latches working properly? For dogs especially, having some time to get outside and run around could be the perfect escape from the chaos inside. At the very least, you’ll have more options for how to make your guests and pets happy!
While you’re busy setting the scene for your family and friends on Thanksgiving, let us take care of the last part for you. For any assistance repairing or installing fencing this holiday season, give us a call! We can quickly and efficiently get you the structure you need to entertain all your guests—on, before, and after the holidays. You can request a free estimate by calling in or visiting our website. Don’t forget to have a happy Thanksgiving amidst all these preparations!