Trending 2018: Indoor/Outdoor Living

Aug 27, 2018 | Outdoor Living

Having a great outdoor space to entertain is one thing. But making that area feel like a part of your interior design—that’s something else entirely. This doesn’t mean you have to lose the feel of the great outdoors that originally inspired your deck or patio. Rather, try bringing some of the creature comforts from inside and blurring the lines between the two spaces with these ideas.

Open Entry Ways

The concept of indoor/outdoor living should begin with the doorway between the two areas. There’s a reason so many design shows incorporate additional, oversized windows, sliding glass doors, and French doors whenever possible. Not only do they create easy access to your outside space(s), but also, they let all that natural light and great views inside! By blurring the lines that separate the two areas, you can make them look like one large living space—if you do it properly. So, open up those entry ways, let the light in, and extend your decorations to the great outdoors!

Outdoor Fire Pit or Fireplace

Since you can’t really add HVAC to your patio, this is really the next best thing. An outdoor fireplace allows you to echo the materials used inside when building a great focal point for your deck or patio. However, it’s also the more expensive option of the two, so fire pits are becoming increasingly popular. They come in a wide variety to fit all price ranges, and still give you that feeling of being outside with a crackling fire, natural wood smoke, and cozy warmth. They’re also easier to move around, so you can move your focal point and redesign your space depending on the season. Just make sure you keep these at a safe distance from the house and provide lots of seating around them!

Cooking/Dining Options

If you love grilling, then an outdoor cooking area is a must-have item for you! For some people, a designated spot for a grill is enough, but if you really want to maximize on this indoor/outdoor living trend, consider adding a summer kitchen. With actual countertops, additional plumbing, and a larger grilling area, you’ll be able to prepare everything you need—all while staying outside. Of course, if you’re going to cook outdoors, your guests will need space to eat close by, too. So, make sure you leave enough room for a large table, comfortable seating, and ample lighting. It’ll take your deck or patio to the next level!

This year, the indoor/outdoor living concept has dominated the market, highlighting the importance of the entire property when it comes to design, not just the interior. Regardless of your size space, you can bring some of the elements outside, creating a larger and more luxurious look overall! If you need help constructing the perfect deck or patio to get started, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We can even help you with some of the other projects, like fire pit placement or summer kitchen installation.