Top 3 Benefits of Aluminum Fencing

Jan 8, 2016 | Fences


Aluminum fencing offers versatility and strength that will stand up to the test of time.

When it comes to Excel’s aluminum fencing, you should know from the start that you’re getting a good looking and long lasting fence. Whether you’re shopping for residential or commercial fencing, aluminum offers solutions for many fencing needs. Experts at Excel Fencing and Decking will install your new aluminum fence quickly and professionally, and the end result will be a great addition to your house for a long time to come. Check out these benefits that you’ll get with a new aluminum fence.

Strong as Steel! (If Not Stronger!)

It’s a common misconception that steel fences are stronger and more durable than aluminum fences. While it is true that steel fences are quite strong, the idea that aluminum fences aren’t is just plain false. Modern manufacturing processes have begun to include high-strength aluminum alloys that are just as strong as steel, if not stronger.

Durable for Decades!

Believe it or not, an aluminum fence stands up better to the test of time than its steel counterparts and is incredibly versatile while doing so. Aluminum is resistant to the nicks and scratches that allow moisture to penetrate steel surfaces, which leads to rusting and paint chipping. Instead, you’ll have to repaint less often, and worry less about needing to replace posts or panels later down the road.

Cut Some Costs!

While aluminum is slightly more expensive at a panel cost than steel, the reasons mentioned above stand to prove the logic that maintenance and repair costs will end up making steel more expensive long term. It’s worth the initial investment to not have to worry about your fence nearly as much later on.

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