The Best Pool Fencing

May 22, 2019 | Fences

Since Memorial Day’s this weekend, many pools around Maryland will be officially opening for the first time this year!  We can’t talk about this fun feature, though, without bringing up an important safety feature:  pool fencing.  To keep your family and guests safe, you should install a durable fence that combines security and visibility.  Fortunately, you more options today than ever before.  Along with the advice of experienced local professionals, like Excel Fencing & Decking, to help you decide!

Aluminum Fencing

Thanks to their durability, aluminum fences are becoming increasingly popular.  Especially when talking about options for pools, this lightweight material just makes sense.  Not only is it easy to maneuver and install, but it’s also designed to withstand all sorts of weather.  Making it the perfect material for close proximity to water. 

You can also customize its appearance now, with the help of new colors, finishes, and styles.  They even offer aluminum additions that can create a more ornamental finish, similar to wrought-iron fencing.  But without the expense or maintenance along your pool’s perimeter.  Don’t let an outdated image of aluminum fencing discourage you from exploring this option.  Come check out our showroom and see the variety available today!

Vinyl Fencing

When you need more privacy, consider vinyl fencing instead!  This hybrid material offers distinct advantages over its competitors, including its versatility.  If you want a low-maintenance option that mirrors the look of a white picket fence, or a solid, plank-on-plank wall, then look at vinyl!  You can completely customize your pattern, color, and finish to create a high-end look on any budget.

Let’s not forget about its immunity to rust, mold, and other common deterioration.  As long as you wash your vinyl fence with simple soap and water once a year, you shouldn’t need any other costly or time-consuming maintenance.  Find out how affordable this type of pool fencing can be with an individual quote from Excel.

Removable Mesh Fencing

We’ve seen a lot of these kits come on the market recently.  Thanks to online retailers, you can easily access options and have them shipped direct to your door—complete with DIY instructions.  While they make it seem easier and more affordable upfront, these large mesh panels just don’t offer the same protection as traditional fencing.

Since they’re designed to be removable, they’re not nearly as strong as some of the other options we’ve discussed.  The mesh does make it more difficult for children to climb, but these panels can also tip over when faced with too much weight.  Unlike their solid metal, wood, or plastic counterparts.  Depending on your experience and tool kit, you may or may not be able to DIY this particular project.  An expert installation should make it more durable, but it’ll also create additional costs that make this option less attractive. 

Before you buy something online, why not at least contact the Excel team?  We’ve been serving homeowners (and pool owners) in the greater Baltimore region for more than 20 years.  Use our experience to help you decide on the best pool fencing for your home!