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Deck Maintenance

Deck Maintenance 3 Tips for Keeping Your Deck in Good Shape Year-Round Maryland homes surprisingly have to endure a lot of wear and tear throughout the year and that is why deck maintenance is super important. We often start the year off with cold, snowy winters, move to a rainy spring, get covered in pollen
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Winter Deck Maintenance

Winter Deck Maintenance: How to Maintain Your Deck in the Winter Months A deck is a wonderful investment for your home and it allows you to spend plenty of time in the great outdoors. However, what about the months when your deck isn’t in use?  Now is when you should begin winter deck maintenance. There
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Cleaning Your Deck

Does your Baltimore County deck need a good cleaning before the winter sets in? Cleaning it will not only keep it looking fresh but also help the wood maintain its integrity, increasing its longevity. Sweeping and removing debris regularly is one maintenance task to perform – it’s a pretty easy way to keep your deck
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Fall Deck Maintenance Tips

    As you have your end of summer bash and sweep the last crumbs off of your deck, pack up school lunches, and anticipate the crinkle of leaves coating your lawn in a few weeks, it is time to get started on your fall deck maintenance! The best time of year to complete maintenance
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Spring Cleaning Deck Care Tips

Spring has officially sprung, which means many homeowners have maintenance on their minds. Spring is the perfect time to give you home a deep cleaning, but there’s no reason why you need to stop with the interior of your house! When was the last time you gave you deck a good deep cleaning? Cleaning your
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Winter Wooden Deck Maintenance

There are few more devastating sights to a Maryland homeowner than seeing the kind of havoc and destruction that winter weather can wreak on a wooden deck. Extra moisture and extreme temperature changes can turn a pristine wooden deck into a rickety, collapsing mess through problems like ugly stains, wood rot, and mildew. Fortunately these
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