Get your Home Summer-Ready on the Outside

Jun 26, 2018 | Backyard Fun

This year, unpredictable weather patterns have taken a toll on homes throughout Maryland.  If yours was one of them, you can still have your exterior up and entertainment-ready in time for summer.  Just follow these simple steps and don’t be afraid to ask for help, if you need it.

  1. Clear a path.

How will your guests get to your party without a clear walkway?  Recent storms may have left debris in their wake or shifted gravel and pavers, but that’s an easy enough fix.  Depending on the surfaces involved, a good pressure-washing may be enough to do the trick.  If there are cracks, though, it’s probably best to consult a professional who can patch them with a filler that matches the current color.  Fresh gravel, repositioned pavers, and a freshly sealed driveway will all do wonders for your curb appeal.  Plus, they’ll give you plenty of space to spread out and enjoy the warm weather.

  1. Spruce up your landscaping.

If you’ve been waiting for some dry weather to replant or reseed, your window of opportunity has been rather limited so farm.  In these warm, humid conditions, it’s very easy for your lawn or flower beds to become overgrown and untidy.  Fortunately, a with a little time and determination, you can remove errant weeds, get the grass under control, and fill bald patches with new green growth.  If you think the job is just too big for one person (or one household), consider outsourcing some of the larger projects to a qualified landscaper.

  1. Reseal and repeat.

Now’s the perfect time to make sure any moisture barriers you have in place are still working properly.  This includes especially vulnerable areas like windows, siding, and roofing.  With windows, you may be able to address any visible gaps with caulking, but if you’re having issues with the mechanics, it may be time for some replacements.

Thoroughly inspect your siding and roofing to look for missing or warped sections, gaps, or other signs of age that could indicate they’re not effectively blocking moisture.  Hopefully, only small issues are present that you can tackle yourself.  Otherwise, you’ll have to contact an experienced siding or roofing company to complete larger repairs.

  1. Focus on your outdoor features.

Whether you’ve got a deck, porch, patio, fence, or pool, chances are it needs a good scrubbing.  For decks, keep out that pressure washer and invest in a good re-sealer for wooden varieties.  Don’t forget to hose off the outdoor furniture and throw the cushions in the wash so everything looks fresh and new for the season.  This includes your grill, so don’t be stingy with the scraper!

 Any warped or otherwise damaged fence posts should be replaced, and it wouldn’t hurt to randomly check existing ones to ensure they’re still sturdy.  Pay special attention to pool fences for working latches, missing planks, and/or rust.  These can present larger safety issues and should be addressed immediately.

As a homeowner, we know your to-do list is ever-increasing.  So, if you need help accomplishing some of these tasks, please give us a call!  Apart from handling fencing and decking, we also do a variety of home improvement projects, including window replacement.  Together, we can have your home summer-ready just in time!