Summer Outdoor Plant Care

Jul 19, 2023 | Outdoor Living

Beautiful flowers and plants on a deck or patio are striking. However, during the prime summertime heat, they can wither in a flash.  Here are some summer outdoor plant care tips to help your plants survive.


Feed and Water Plants

It’s a no-brainer that soil dries out quickly in the heat. Summer plants need plenty of water to stay moist.  They also need fertilizer. Regular weeding and feeding helps plants grow bigger and stronger so they can better handle summer stress.  Give your garden a thorough watering about twice a week.  Plants in containers or pots may need to be watered daily.   If the top inch of soil surface feels dry, give it a good soaking.


Frequent Weeding

Another important summer care tip is to pull weeds regularly out of the garden and containers.  You don’t want them to steal nutrients and water from the soil.  Make sure you remove the roots of the weeds as well. Put down a layer of clean, natural mulch to protect plants and keep weeds from growing.


Monitor the Plants

Keep an eye on your summer garden for early signs of stress, pest damage and disease. 

Shelter plants from the intense summer sun with a lightweight, loose covering or shade cloth. Shading will protect plants from sun damage, lower the air temperature, and help maintain humidity.  Regularly inspect plants and their soil for insect and animal damage.  Spots, holes, broken stems and visible pests on leaves are all signs of trouble.  Also watch out for brown or yellowed leaves and dropped leaves. 


Keep Plants Cool

Just like people, plants like to stay cool.  Move indoor plants away from warm, sunny windows. Keep the AC on or open windows at night when it cools off outside.  Your plants will feel better if the house is just a bit more comfortable.  Move outdoor plants to shadier spots during intense heat waves. 


Types of Summer-Loving Plants

There are heat-tolerant plants on the market that are easy to care for during the summer.  

Herbs are great to use for cooking and don’t mind the sun, as long as they are watered.  Basil, mint, oregano and thyme are a few to try.

Succulents like hot, dry climates and don’t need much water.  Consider putting several succulents in one container for visual interest.

Geraniums are colorful and will last all summer.  They will even survive a few missed waterings. 

A potato vine, or jasmine nightshade, is an easy vine to grow on the patio.  It doesn’t need much maintenance and grows little white or purple flowers.

Ferns are perfect for shady patios.  There are many sizes and textures to choose from that will perk up an outdoor space.

There are many other annuals that like full sun and will bloom all summer.  Marigolds, petunias, zinnias, begonias and poppy flowers are a few suggestions. Make sure you keep your blooms watered.


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