Successful Home Remodel

Feb 16, 2023 | Home Improvement

Tips for a Successful Home Remodel


If you are fixing up your home for yourself or are getting ready to sell, a remodeling project is likely on your agenda. Here are some tips to help ensure you will have a successful home remodel.


A Successful Home Remodel Requires You To Do Your Homework

Determine what the needs and uses are in each room you plan to remodel. For instance, you may have a kitchen with a breakfast nook.  You might want a small table and chairs, in addition to the cabinets and appliances. Get down to the basics of what you need. The details can be added later.

Consider how you want the room to make you feel.  Do you want a bedroom that’s restful with a spa-like bathroom? Or, do you want a room that’s fun and inviting for the kids? Find a few key words that specify what feelings you are looking for.


Budget is Key

Figure out what you need to buy new for a room or can simply replace.  New appliances or cabinets will add up in cost.  Decide how much money you have to spend first.  Also, ask yourself why you are doing the room makeover in the first place.  This will help determine your budget priorities.


Identify Your End Goal

Before you begin tearing down walls, figure out what your ultimate goal is. Are you renovating to increase resale value, or are you planning to stay put?  If your goal is to increase the value of your home, prepare to spend more money.  Take a look at what types of renovations are taking place in your neighborhood.  Talk with others who have done them. Don’t overdo a renovation or choose one that won’t have a good return on investment.


Watch the Calendar

Pick a project end date and work your way backward on the calendar.  Allow about one month of wiggle room in case of unexpected delays.  Watching the calendar is key if you want the renovation done in time for a special occasion.


Choose the Look

Gather inspiration from magazines and websites like Pinterest and Houzz.  Give yourself at least two weeks to find the look you love.  Pick out your favorite images and keep them in a folder or pinboard.  Use the style you choose to guide your project.


Make a Priority List

Determine your priorities. Decide what room features are must-haves first. These features are essential to your lifestyle or vision and you don’t want to cut them.  Wants are things you would like to have, but they aren’t necessary.


Hire Help

The final step is to hire help. It’s recommended you get bids from at least three contractors. While you are shopping around, make sure you check a contractor’s references and background.  You don’t want to invite just anyone into your home.

Talk to their past clients and ask if the professionals were responsible, trustworthy and punctual.  Contact your local Better Business Bureau. Check if there are any registered complaints against the pro.


Ensure Smooth Sailing

Here are a few things you should know to reduce potential project headaches.

Be aware of project pitfalls.  If you alter the plan after the renovation has started, expect added time and expense.  Make sure all of the materials you need for the project arrive before it begins.  You don’t want contractors to have to wait mid-job.  If you are having wood flooring installed, it should arrive at least two weeks ahead of time.  Store it in the room where it will be used. The wood needs to adjust to the temperature and humidity.

Be graceful.  Mentally prepare for possible structural, plumbing and electrical issues, bad weather and mistakes. Trust your team. There is always a solution.


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