Storage Tips

Jul 6, 2022 | Home Improvement

Storage Tips

Don’t let the junk pile up– effectively organize your possessions and keep your living space free of clutter with a few key home storage tips.


Sometimes storage in the home can feel like one giant game of Tetris, where possessions and junk keep piling up until your closets and crawl spaces seem in danger of exploding. Lucky for those of us who like to hold on to things just in case, there are more ways to solve that problem than doing a giant trash and donation sweep. Here are five storage tips that’ll keep your home organized and up to date.


Open Stairs

A popular trend in home design and improvement is transforming staircases into open storage. This is a great way to show off your book collection and other knick knacks meant to be displayed. Some homeowners choose to carve out the space beneath the staircase to make room for shelving, while others use the steps themselves as bookcases– think open stairs with novels filling the gaps between planks. Even your staircases can be fun to look at!


Vacuum Bags

If you’ve got a bunch of old clothing or linens but little storage space outside of your closet, air compression bags are a good choice for you. These clear plastic bags are travelers’ trick for saving space, but they work just as well in the home. Your clothes will stay neat and folded, easy to stack out of sight. And if you need any of them, the transparent material makes it simple to see which pieces are in which bag without digging through a pile of loose shirts or socks. Much more convenient than colored plastic bins!


Shelves Included

When furniture shopping for your home, steer toward units that include shelving or bookcases. You can find desks, coffee tables, loft beds, and even chairs that incorporate a surprising amount of storage and/or display space, allowing you to maximize your square footage– and budget– by combining two types of furniture into one. Whether you shop at IKEA or Pottery Barn, there are tons of great options to fit any style and spending plan.



When tables are out, ottomans have your back! Pick up a couple of cubes, a wide cushioned bench, or a few rounded footstools to accent your main furniture and increase your storage space. You can easily access anything you wish to store by lifting off the top, and when it’s time to clean up the living room, your paraphernalia can be stored out of sight under your new extra seating or footrests. Plus, there aren’t any table legs to vacuum around!


Curtain Up

If you’re forced to give your closets a wide berth during home design because of the doors, consider installing curtains instead. You can even place some furniture directly in front if your closet doesn’t see too much active use. Sliding doors have a similar effect, maximizing your space and providing a convenient opportunity for full-length mirrors or hooks on the front panel. You might be surprised at how much more spacious your rooms will feel!


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