Staining your Deck is Easy

Sep 2, 2016 | Decks


Staining your deck can provide beautiful rich color and protection to help your deck have a long and beautiful life.

Applying deck stains is important when it comes to deck maintenance. Staining your deck can provide beautiful rich color and protection to help your deck have a long and beautiful life. Below are all of the steps when it comes to applying deck stains.

Choosing A Sprayer For Staining  


There are two types of sprayers. Most people do not have airless sprayers, so if you want to use one of these you will have to rent it and return it fully cleaned. The other option is to use a regular sprayer, which many people already own and you might have in your garage. Regular sprayers are much cheaper and do a good job, even though they are not as quick and thorough as using an airless sprayer for staining.  


Preparing The Deck To Be Stained


Rent or use a pressure washer you own already to make sure your deck is completely clear of any debris or dirt before you start staining it. Otherwise dirt and debris will mar the smooth surface of your stained deck. It is recommended to use a wide fan tip when power washing your deck, and to avoid getting too close to it as very strong direct water pressure can damage the wood. Once your deck is clean, take precautions to make sure that any deck stains only stain your deck and not your house. Cover areas of your house touching the deck in plastic, protect your landscaping, and cover any of the outlets on your deck.


Spraying The Stain


Whether you decide on an airless or regular sprayer, the staining technique is the same. Apply deck stains in sections three or four boards wide. Start at one end of your deck and work methodically and carefully toward the other side. It is important not to stop in the middle of sections, as when you start up again it will leave an unappealing mark in your deck. Use a very liberal coat when staining, but do not let the stain pool in any areas.


Excel Fencing and Decking Can Help With Your Deck Maintenance

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