How to Stain or Seal a Wood Deck in Baltimore County

Jun 25, 2015 | Decks

Thinking about staining or sealing your wood deck in Baltimore County? Sealing is a great way to protect a wood deck from the elements. A proper seal job will block out UV rays that cause fading, and will prevent moisture from entering the wood and causing it to rot. Staining is perfect when you want to give your wood a lighter or darker complexion.

In last week’s blog we talked about what you need to do before you stain or seal your wood deck in Baltimore County. It’s important to go through this cleaning process in order to ensure that the stain or sealer applies properly to the wood. Once you’ve finished, you can proceed with the stain or seal. Learn how to do this in this week’s blog!


Learn how to stain or seal your wood deck!

How to Stain or Seal a Wood Deck in Baltimore County

A Few Tips

First, a few tips before you begin.

  • Always follow the directions given by the manufacturer on the container.
  • Don’t apply the stain or sealer in the direct sun, because it will dry too quickly and won’t absorb properly.
  • If your deck is brand new, wait a few weeks before staining or sealing it. This is because the wood is still drying during this time. A moisture meter can test the moisture content of the wood.
  • Check the weather to find two warm, dry days in a row, so the stain or sealer has time to absorb.
  • Make sure you do all necessary cleaning and repairs beforehand.


Staining or Sealing Your Wood Deck in Baltimore County

  • First, water any nearby plants and cover them with a clear plastic tarp.
  • Stir (don’t shake) the sealer/stain according to the directions. Basically, do the opposite of what James Bond would do.
  • Using a paint roller with an extension handle, apply an even and thin coat of sealer/stain over the area of two or three boards. Coats do not need to be thick, in fact, thick coats won’t dry properly. You can always apply another thin coat if needed. You don’t want the finish to puddle up.
  • Ideally, you’ll be able to enlist someone else to help you in this task and perform what’s called back-rolling. This is where one person applies the stain/sealer while the other uses a roller to work it into the wood. You’ll be able to cover more of the deck’s surface area faster this way.
  • For corners, railings, and other areas where a roller isn’t practical, use a paint brush.
  • Apply a second coat if necessary. Remove the plastic covering the plants and rinse off any stain/sealer that got on it.
  • Let the deck dry for 48 hours.


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