Spring into a New Deck in Baltimore County!

May 1, 2015 | Decks

Spring is in the air, which means it’s time to start thinking about those outdoor living home improvement projects you’ve had floating around in your head all winter long. One of the best projects you can invest in is a new deck in Baltimore County! Whether you’re just starting your dream outdoor living setup or nearing completion, a deck is an integral component of any homeowner’s outdoor living dream. Learn more about why you should spring into a new deck this year!

new deck Baltimore County

Reasons to Get a New Deck in Baltimore County

Decks Have a Great ROI

Any homeowner who invests in a home improvement projects wants to see it pay off in adding value to their home. Decks offer a great potential for return on investment. According to Remodeling’s 2015 Cost vs. Value report, installing a new deck averages an 80.5% return on your investment! Their calculations include:

  • A 16×20 ft deck using pressure-treated joists supported by 4×4 posts anchored to concrete piers.
  • Pressure-treated deck boards in a simple linear pattern.
  • Built-in bench and planter.
  • Three steps to grade.
  • Complete railing system with pressure-treated posts, railings, and balusters.


Expand Your Living Space

A new deck in Baltimore County adds a functional outdoor living space that feels like a room in your house, only it’s outside! There’s no limit to the activities you can do on your deck. From cookouts and events with friends and family, to relaxing with your spouse on a sunny day, decks are the perfect venue that allow you to enjoy the weather in the context of any activity.

Build on Your Outdoor Living Setup

Spring and summer are the seasons when homeowners are most focused on their outdoor living setup. A deck is easily one of the most important parts of your outdoor living setup. It serves as a transitional space from the house to your yard, in an area that mixes aspects of both without being one or the other. In order to really complete your outdoor living dream design, whatever it may be, you need a new deck in Baltimore County!

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