Spruce Up Your Yard With These Spring Fence Cleaning Tips

Apr 14, 2016 | Fences

Fence maintenance can be confusing and even potentially damaging to your fence if you don’t know the right way to clean your specific type of fence. Different type of fence materials have different cleaning and maintenance needs. You will find below fence cleaning tips on the different types of fences: wood fence, vinyl fence, steel fence, or aluminum and chain link fence.

fence cleaning tips

Check out these great fence cleaning tips!

Vinyl Fence Cleaning Tips  

You will need a water hose, a bucket of soapy water or spray bottle of vinyl cleaning solution, soft cloth rags, and a soft scrub brush. Vinyl is relatively easy as far as fence maintenance goes, but you may need to scrub a bit to get some of the tougher stains out. If you choose to use a cleaning solution, make sure it is environmentally safe. If it is not it is probably not vinyl fence safe. It is important to remember to never paint, hang heavy items from, place a barbecue next to, or screw attachments to a vinyl fence.

Wood Fence Cleaning Tips  

For wood fence maintenance, you will need a water hose or power washer, wood stain, and bleach or wood cleaning solution. It is recommended that you clean and restain a wood fence every 3-5 years, depending upon how it looks. If your wood fence looks faded, warped, moldy, or otherwise not its best, you know it is time for some fence maintenance. A mixture of bleach and water can be used to kill mold. It is important to never use paint on your wood fence. Instead choose a stain

Chain Link, Steel, and Aluminum Fence Cleaning Tips  

To clean these types of fences you need a water hose, soft scrub brush, and a bucket of soapy water. These types of fencing are incredibly easy to clean and maintain, and require little effort or complex fence cleaning tips. Cleaning them once a year should suffice. The only thing to watch for is that you choose a cleaning solution which will not cause your fence to rust. All you have to do is scrub the areas of the fence which require cleaning and then spray them with water.

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