Spring Cleaning Tips for your Bel Air Deck

Mar 27, 2015 | Decks

DeckWarmer weather is right on the horizon. Can you taste it yet? We are finally firmly planted in the spring season, and it is time to hang up your winter jacket and spend some time comfortably outside. Your Bel Air wood deck is the perfect place to ring in the new season and usher in the summertime. After months of falling leaves, heavy snow, and freezing temperatures, your deck probably isn’t looking quite like it did on the day you had it installed. Decks require a small bit of annual maintenance, and spring is the perfect season to get it done.

Why Spring?

For ages, spring has been the designated season for serious down and dirty cleaning. In some cases, the cleaning would be just as necessary in any month, but for your deck, spring is truly the best time for a deep cleaning. The temperatures are just right for cleaning. Drying in the summer heat can put a lot of stress on the wood, so choosing an overcast spring day is absolutely ideal. You might end up a little chilly, but your deck will look perfect.

The Process

Cleaning your deck might be a lengthy project, but it isn’t too complicated. Start by removing any deck furniture you may have. You’ll need a totally clear space to make sure that you get every nook and cranny of your wood deck. Once the furniture is all removed, the first step is to get rid of any debris that has accumulated over time. Any good quality broom will do the job. You can sweep organic material straight into your yard, and trash the rest. If you can reach them, clean between the seams of your deck as well.

For the next stage, you’ll want to make sure that any nearby plants and shrubs are protected. Coat them with a bit of water so that soap can’t sink in. You may want to add a plastic sheet for extra protection. Purchase a cleaner made specifically for wood decks, or consider mixing your own. Once you’ve got your solution ready to go, use a hard bristled brush to work it into every inch of your deck, paying special attention to stained areas. Follow the directions well so that you don’t end up with pools of water, and you don’t let it sit too long.

Once you’ve given your deck a good and thorough cleanse, you’ll need to rinse away the cleaner. Regular, clean hose water will do the trick. Again, it is important to be thorough to ensure that no soap is allowed to soak in and cause damage.

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