Signs that a Fence Replacement is in your Future

Feb 23, 2015 | Fences

Old wooden fence in garden with plantYou’ve spent a good amount of money on your fence. You had it installed, you’ve maintained it for years, and it has helped create many happy memories in your yard. Replacing a fence isn’t the cheapest endeavor, and it requires a bit of hard work, or at least planning around installers. Fence replacement is an easy thing to put off, but you can’t turn a blind eye to it forever. Eventually your fence will reach the end of its days, and it is much safer to recognize and remedy this problem rather than ignoring it.

How do I know when it’s time to replace my wood fence?

The signs of disrepair are much easier to spot with a wood fence than with things like vinyl and chain link. No matter how well-maintained your fence is it will eventually need to be replaced. Most wood fences
last for about 20 years before they start to lose their integrity. When your fence starts to approach the twilight of its life, give it yearly check ups.

  • Over time exposure to the elements will take a toll on your wood fence. If you start noticing discoloration, cracks, splintering, and warping, your fence is on its way out. You can stem the spread of decay by replacing individual boards as they start going downhill, but this is just delaying the inevitable.
  • Start by inspecting the bottoms of your fence posts. Logically, rot starts from the ground up. The damp ground can be a major cause of rot. Check by taking a nail and scraping it on the bottom of your fence. If the wood doesn’t stand up to a nail and instead disintegrates, you likely have a case of wood rot.
  • Check the integrity of the fence by getting a good view of the whole thing.  Look down the fence and see if everything is in a straight line. Notice any posts that are significantly leaning.

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