Sidewalk Installation

Walkway or Sidewalk Installation Considerations

There are a few things to consider when contemplating a walkway or sidewalk installation at your home. All of these are going to factor into your ultimate price. So, before you shop around, make sure you think through what you want from your walkway or sidewalk.


Sidewalk Installation Cost Elements

The first thing you want to think about for a sidewalk installation is going to be the amount of concrete needed for the job. Map out the width and the length of the area you want for your walkway. This information will help your installer know how much concrete will be needed.

What kind of shape do you want for your walkway or sidewalk? Straight edges are easier (and quicker) to do than curved ones. That curved look sure is impressive, but it will play into your estimate.

How ready is the area for a sidewalk or walkway? Does the area require leveling first? Every area is going to require a little bit of leveling. But the more uneven the area is for the sidewalk installation the more cost you will have in the pre-work leveling and grading of the area.

Think about how complex your design is. There are concrete stamps, colors, complex patterns, and borders to consider. The more custom and creative elements you have for your design, the more it will impact your costs.

Keeping that design element in mind, what kind of finishing options do you want? A simple rock salt or broom finish can be quire affordable, but having your concrete stamped or engraved will definitely drive your costs up.


Comparing a New Sidewalk Installation with Resurfacing

When you have an existing sidewalk that is very damaged, cracked, unlevel, etc… it can be expensive to replace it. Unless you are up to doing it yourself, there are demolition and removal costs for the old sidewalk as well.

Factoring in those additional costs to demo and remove the old sidewalk, the price to resurface a sidewalk that just needs cosmetic improvements can be a little less. For resurfacing, an overlay is applied on top of the existing concrete to give it a fresh look. If you want to, you can pay a bit more to do an enhanced overlay with colored and stamped concrete. The enhanced overlay is going to be less than a brand new sidewalk installation with complex design or finishing options but still more than a basic sidewalk installation.


Sidewalks On Budget

Looking to save a little on your sidewalk installation, check out these thoughts:

-Use stepping stones and pavers to arrange a path

-There are seamless texture skins that add a realistic texture. They are like a stamp, but cost less.

-Keep your layout straight. Curves always cost more.

-If concrete starts to appear out of budget, gravel types and mulches can create affordable solutions.

-You can always upgrade plain concrete affordably with broom, rock salt, or exposed aggregate finishes.


Take all of these factors into consideration when thinking about whether to repair or install your sidewalk. And remember, for all your home improvement projects, including bathroom renovation, call Excel Fencing & Decking at 410-803-9949.