You Should Get Around to That Basement Remodel

Mar 11, 2020 | Home Improvement

Why You Should Finally Get Around to That Basement Remodel

If there’s one room most homeowners dream of remodeling yet never seem to get around to, it’s the basement. Out of sight and often out of mind, so many basements sit unfinished despite the exciting possibilities the space has to offer. With spring just a few days away, this is the season for new beginnings, so we invite our friends and clients to consider a few of the reasons why finally starting that basement remodel makes good sense.


More Functional Space

Basements are oftentimes the largest rooms in a house, so a renovation project could significantly increase your home’s living space. The large, open area also provides an opportunity to explore nearly any type of project. A finished basement offers ideal space to exercise, start a home office, host band practice, pursue hobbies, display collections, explore artistic passions, or entertain guests. By remodeling a basement in spring, you’ll also have additional room for friends and family to spread out for the upcoming slate of summer holidays, reunions, and graduation parties.


Added Value

With an attractive finished basement, a home becomes more appealing for potential buyers. They’ll love the idea of the extra living space and knowing they can already cross “basement remodel” off their home improvement wish list. And you’ll love the extra cash the room nets: return on investment averages around 70% for a renovated basement. Of course, the increase in value is not solely a monetary one. With a finished basement, you’ll have more potential for making memories by spending time with family and friends, which is a commodity that money just can’t buy.


Energy Efficiency

Finished basements are cool, and we don’t mean that it’s just a great place to hang out. Basements are actually the coolest room in a house, and that’s going to be a tremendous relief come the dog days of summer. Chilling out in a remodeled basement is not only comfortable, but if it helps you run the air conditioner less, you could see savings on your energy bill. If your renovation includes insulating the walls and ceiling, you’ll also have a cozy and warm place for winter, far away from the cold, drafty windows upstairs.


Another Bathroom

Whether your renovation leads to a basement bar, game room, man cave, or artist studio, there’s a good chance it will include a new bathroom. Whereas the basement is the one room that never seems to get finished, the bathroom is the room that there’s never enough of. Your family will love having the extra bath, and it will greatly increase the functionality of your cellar space. Whether your house is on the market or it’s your forever home, a basement bathroom is a great investment.


The only thing better about dreaming of home improvements is achieving them. Call Excel Fencing & Decking today to help you realize your dream home. Our dedicated construction professionals have been performing basement remodels in Maryland since 1998 and we even have extensive experience with bathroom renovations. Call us any time for a free estimate!