Illuminating the Home, Shining Your House’s Quality

Many think lighting is just a simple practicality, we all need lights to see. However, lighting can also be used to create a sense of welcome or draw attention to specific aspects of your home. Let’s look into how light can be used to add value to your house.


Have you ever been in a room that’s too bright or dim? It probably distracted you a little from friends and family and it certainly veiled the other features of the room. Poor or overt lighting can ruin the mood, the sense of presence or display you want to bring to a room. The goal should be to allow visitors to clearly see the furniture and decorations and perhaps get a certain vibe from the room itself.

If you want a more vibrant setting, brighter lights can emphasize interesting qualities or items in your house and help guests be alert. If you want a more subtle or relaxing scene, softer lights can be used. You can also coordinate overhead/wall lights with lamps to create plenty of luminance but with varying levels to make the room stand out. If you have a theme or desired look for a particular room, lighting can help. Be creative. Consider using different colored lights, or lights with varying intensities throughout your home to create a blend of practical lighting and aesthetic beauty.

Inside Luminance

 Being able to see is the core reason we have lights, but consider ways you can provide this light. Bear in mind that the way you present and display your house will affect how potential buyers will see your home. Making your house look good will greatly increase appeal to buyers. You need to have light but who’s to say your lighting can’t have style?

If you want to bring in décor to your home’s entrance, add a hanging light or chandelier to help lighten up your doorway and give a sense of scope to your house. Customizing your bathroom and kitchen lighting will serve the dual function of making your home unique while providing light in key areas. Nothing’s worse than not being able to see where ingredients are being kept or where bathroom supplies are. Adding and arranging lights fixtures will also make life easier!

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting is another great way to make your home more attractive to potential buyers. Other key benefits are the protection and safety outdoor lighting will provide. These lights will help you and guests feel more secure. You’ll be able to see potential intruders while also ensuring that you have the light you need to avoid injury at night.

Outdoor lighting can also brighten your deck and patio, you’ll be able to see and enjoy these comforts longer and throughout the shifting seasons. Outdoor lighting can also become a major aspect of the design of your outdoor amenities. Like with indoor lighting, you have an abundance of lighting options and styles to help set a mood and clever aesthetic for the outside of our house. For example, if you want to highlight your deck, you could wind white Christmas lights around the railings and guard rails to literally encapsulate you and your guests in white light!