Shed Organization

Sep 7, 2022 | Outdoor Living

Shed Organization

Is your outdoor shed stuffed full of clutter? If there is no space to even walk, it is time for shed organization.  An organized shed will let you do your outdoor projects with ease.


How to Organize Your Shed: Make it User Friendly

Is your shed so full of outdoor clutter you have trouble finding tools? Do you even know what’s inside of it? If this describes the mess in your outdoor storage space, here’s how you can take the chaos away and tips for shed organization.

Take a Look Around

If your shed looks like it just got hit by a tornado and you can’t even walk inside, then it is time to take action. A disorganized shed can lead to stress and it will likely take you longer to complete your chores and projects. Are you ready to take the plunge and clean up the mess? Here are some ideas to help you get your shed in order.

Ways to Organize Your Shed

Let’s start with the basics. Pegboards, shelving, bins and items that can be repurposed will help you get started on your clean-up journey.

Hang up a pegboard. With the right hooks and attachments on it you can transform your wall into a fine storage area. You will also free up floor space.

Add open shelving or free-standing shelves. Stack clear storage bins, or labeled bins, on the shelves to store items. Consider using drawers to keep your tools and supplies in. Use heavy-duty metal shelves to hold heavier items, like paint cans, bulky tools and lumber.

Install a hanging jar system to hold nails, screws, tacks and bolts. Attach the lid to the bottom of a shelf. Unscrew it when you want to get an item.

Put a simple rack up on the wall to hold larger tools like rakes, shovels, hoes and pitchforks. Don’t let them pile up on the floor and make a mess. Pallet boards are great organizers and are often free of charge. The individual boards will hold tools with handles.

Create a cupboard to hold garden tools on an outside wall, or on the back of a door. Re-purpose a paint bucket to use as a storage caddy.

Shop Around for Bargains

Save money by shopping for second-hand items you can use for storage or shelving. Look for matching items too. Check out Facebook Marketplace or a local resale site. Keep a running list of the supplies you need. As you find the items, you can begin reorganizing your shed.

Items You Can and Can’t Store in a Shed

Besides lawn tools and equipment, you can safely store gasoline, propane tanks, power tools minus the batteries, and some lawn and garden chemicals in the shed. Make sure your shed is properly ventilated. For more information on how to properly store pesticides, click here.

Items in an outdoor storage space can be damaged by extreme temperatures, moisture, pests and animals. Do not store canned food, bulk food items, paints and glues, clothing and bedding, household appliances, electronics, wooden or leather furniture in a shed.

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