Separate Work and Play

Feb 9, 2022 | Home Improvement

Separate Work and Play

Over the past two years, we’ve all gotten closely acquainted with our homes…maybe a little more than we’d like. Working from home has some redeeming qualities, like going to “the office” in your pajamas and eating cereal during a Zoom call while your camera’s off, but it gets old after a while– and studies show that it’s not the best for our mental health, either. It is very important to separate work and play. Even those who don’t always work remotely likely perform some tasks while at home, and those tasks are almost always on a computer. With the mobility of laptops and phones, working from home often turns into working from bed– here’s why that’s not our greatest option.



Falling asleep in an airport is difficult for more reasons than the uncomfortable seating. Our bodies associate sleep with bed, darkness, and quiet– without that pairing, it’s incredibly difficult to relax. That association is altered when we begin to spend hours typing on top of the comforter. Your brain begins to reject the bed as a place to relax, instead working to keep you awake. This contradiction leads directly to the next point– stress.



Muddying the waters between work and relaxation makes it harder to focus on either, creating more anxiety, which disrupts sleep, which hurts productivity, which creates stress, which makes it harder to rest, etc., etc. There’s no end to the cycle as your body struggles to fulfill the competing needs of sleep and wakefulness. If you choose to work in the place where you’re meant to relax, your brain is constantly “on”, often cheapening even the little rest you manage to get. Everyone needs a break sometimes, and a healthy balance will improve your productivity as well as your wellbeing.



Stress and anxiety are only one part of the struggle to fall asleep. Even watching T.V. or scrolling through Instagram or Facebook before bed increases your chances of tossing and turning. The bright light and mental stimulation keeps you awake long after the lamps are dimmed. For your best chances of sleeping well, experts recommend turning off the screens at least thirty to sixty minutes before going to bed– or, better yet, leaving them in another room altogether. Your phone isn’t alone in needing a recharge.


Change Your Environment

When your house becomes your workplace, home improvement becomes even more of an investment. Remote work, constant or sporadic, seems to be here to stay, and your mental health is never something to compromise on. Now is the perfect time to start on that home office you’ve been dreaming of, or to finish the basement for a little extra living space. Whatever you decide, we’re here to help separate work and play!


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