Repair or Replace Windows

Oct 6, 2021 | Home Improvement

Repair or Replace Windows

Making the choice to repair or replace windows is never an easy one. There are costs associated with both scenarios, but there are other factors that come into play as well. For example, most new modern windows aren’t necessarily able to be repaired. Classic, single-pane windows were an easy fix. Newer double or triple pane sealed windows are much more difficult, and in many cases impossible, to repair.

When to Repair Your Windows

Are your windows single-pane? If they are, a crack or break are things that can be repaired and don’t require a replacement.  Are your windows multi-pane? You can look into a sash replacement as a good solution. However, if your window problems extend beyond a crack or break, and your window is multi-pane, you might need to replace.

Again for the single-pane folks, if you have broken mullions or muntins this is a good DIY fix opportunity. Over time, mullions and muntins can rot or split. Cut the glass free, scrape the area clean, apply fresh putty, and secure the glass with glazier points.

Sticky or sluggish sashes are a problem that is definitely fixable. The cause of the stick or slowdown is often layers of paint bridging the sash and frame. Sometimes, the stick is from a sash that came off it’s track. When the sash moves slowly or are difficult to move it is usually from broken cords on sash weights. Spring sashes could have failed or loosened. Both of which are fixable issues

A missing or rotting drip cap is also easily repairable by an individual. You can purchase new drip caps easily at nearly all home centers. Simply nail into place and caulk.

Bad or missing exterior window casing is both ugly and can lead to future damage. But this is fixable. Primed wood exterior casing is something you can get at most home centers. It is not difficult to replace your casing. Vinyl and PVC solutions are also available that don’t require paint application like primed wood does.

Water leaking is usually from things near the window, not the window itself. Check your gutters and drainpipes to see if they are directing water to the window. This is most often the cause of water leaking.

When to Replace Windows

Are your windows getting foggy? When you have double or triple paned windows, fogging happens because the seal to the argon-filled space between your panes has broken. Moisture and air has gotten in and the panes cannot be reached. This also means that the energy efficiency of the window has been lost as well. The Argon is an inert gas that slows the impact of temperatures. Sometimes, these windows can allow for individual pane sections to be replaced, which could save you $$ from replacing the whole window.

If the structure of your window is breaking, it is time to get a new window. This is also a sign of additional damage, so check the area for other structural issues besides just your window.

A lot of water leaking, like an excessive amount, is not a good sign. Your window casing has likely failed. This is more of a siding issue than a window issue usually, but if it proves to be the window, it should be replaced.

Take all of these factors into consideration when thinking about whether to repair or replace your windows. And remember, for all your home improvement projects, including bathroom renovation, call Excel Fencing & Decking at 410-803-9949.