renovation projects

Jun 15, 2022 | Home Improvement

Renovation Projects

Your home is what you make it, and we are here to help your vision come to life. Whether you have lived there for decades or have just moved in, it is important to make your house your own– and there are so many home renovation projects that combine style with comfort and convenience. With one or more of these ideas, you might never want to move again!


Home Bar Renovation Projects

The words “home bar” mean different things for different households. Maybe you are looking to install a full bar setup in your newly finished basement, or you are just in need of a wine fridge to compliment your kitchen. Whatever your vision, we can help! Picture glass-fronted display cabinets and light fixtures to make your collection sparkle, or padded bar stools lined up along a gleaming granite countertop. Perfect for mixing drinks or just hanging out with friends, a home bar is a great addition to any adult household.


Home Office Renovation Projects

As the pandemic continues to rear its ugly head, some folks are still assigned to work in a hybrid format– and some companies have even transitioned employees to working solely from home. With the digital world more at our fingertips than ever, carving out a little workspace to call your own is an intriguing idea.

If you do not have an extra room to spare, even sectioning off part of another space can serve you well. Aim for a quiet area of your home and position some furniture to provide a sense of separation between your work and living space. Utilize a lot of light and aim for an area by a window if possible. Consider hanging a curtain or even installing a partial wall to make your nook feel cozy and private. Accent your furnishings with small touches like potted plants or a noisemaker to create a relaxing oasis to be productive in.


Be Green

Living in a more environmentally friendly way is not as arduous as you might think. And bonus– going green is more popular than ever! Add a compost bin to your backyard and a matching sealable container in your kitchen for easy access. Use garbage and recycling cans throughout your home and invest in your outdoor spaces. Gardens and patios help you spend more time outside and decrease the amount of electricity you use keeping the lights on all day and pumping the A/C. Out of sight, out of mind! If you do not have space for an outdoor garden, start with a few potted plants indoors to develop your green thumb. You can even purchase seedlings from home and gardening retailers to plant later if you are not ready to grow straight from the seed. Go green this summer to help the earth and yourself!


Ready for Renovation Projects or a Remodel?

We can help! Our team’s expertise extends well beyond the realm of fencing and decking. If you need any home remodeling in or around Baltimore, MD, then Excel is your go-to company. We offer the best in customer service alongside unbeatable prices and top-quality construction materials. Contact us today through our quick online form or give us a call at 410-803-9499 and let the journey with Excel Fencing and Decking begin!