Need to Remove an Old Fence? Here’s How!

Jan 22, 2016 | Fences

If you have an old, dilapidated, and worn out fence, chances are it’s not doing your landscaping any favors. While your Baltimore County fence installer can absolutely remove your fence for you before installing a new once, savvy DIYers can remove an old fence as little as a weekend and work up a nice sweat to boot. Learn how to remove an old fence to make way for a new one in today’s blog, below.


Got an old fence that’s seen better ways? Learn how to remove it!

Need to Remove an Old Fence? Here’s How!

Make sure you know what you’re getting into

It may sound silly, but are you sure your fence is really yours? If the fence was installed before you purchased your home, it’s good practice to check with your neighbor to ensure they don’t believe the fence truly belongs to them. Property dividing lines can be a little hazy so if you have a copy of your plat map that’s the best way to ensure that you can take down the fence without ruffling the feathers of any neighbors. You can acquire a copy of your plat map at your local county assessor’s office.

Check your utilities

Before you undergo any kind of digging, you should always check in with your local utility companies to ensure you won’t disrupt any buried lines. BGE customers can quickly and simply call 811 and within 2 days an employee will come out to mark the position of any underground utilities. Don’t let it become a nightmare to remove an old fence so always do your homework first!

Make a plan

Once you’ve done your research, take a little time to plan through every detail of fence removal. Will you be able to remove it all at one time? If not, where will you store the fence pieces until you can take them to the dump? Will you rent a dumpster or use a personal vehicle to remove waste? DIY construction is a big undertaking, so if you’d rather leave it to the professionals to remove an old fence, give the experts at Excel Fencing and Decking a call today!

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