Need a Privacy Fence for Your Small Baltimore County Yard? Follow These Tips

Dec 17, 2015 | Fences

If you have a small yard in Howard County, you may be worried that a fence will make your space seem even smaller. With the right design principals in mind, it’s easy to install a fence that actually enhances your small yard. A new privacy fence can encourage you to spend more time outside as it screens you from neighbors and other distractions, offering a small backyard oasis. If you’re thinking about installing a privacy fence in your small yard, follow these tips to make the most of it.


A privacy fence can make your backyard more enjoyable.

Need a Privacy Fence for Your Small Baltimore County Yard? Follow These Tips

Use light colors

The use of light has long been used for the interior design of small spaces and your yard is no different. A heavy and dark fence will make your yard appear smaller, while a light and airy option (such as a trellis fence) will allow plenty of natural light to flood in and make your yard seem bigger than it actually is.

Keep it monochrome

Consistent tones make a space appear bigger so when planning your fence, make sure that its color matches your garden’s most prevalent tones. This will draw your eye outward and give the sense that your yard is much more spacious than it truly is.

Incorporate additions that make the most of your space

A fence doesn’t have to just be a fence! If your yard is small, you need to make the most out of every available inch. One great way to do that is to make your fence a multitasker by incorporating storage space or sitting ledges.

Liven it up with plants

While plants might not make your yard look larger, hanging planters and containers from your fence will make it feel like your own private oasis. If you prefer a cozy backyard hangout spot, filling in the space with vertical plants is an interesting and beneficial way to do so.

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