Prepare Your Home for the Fall Market

Aug 15, 2018 | Gatherings

With back to school right around the corner, the real estate market is gearing back up for another busy season!  Buyers throughout Maryland are still looking for homes (thanks to low inventory), which means you’re at a solid advantage when selling.  If you know you want to list your property soon, aside from hiring a reputable home inspection company, taking these steps will ensure you get the most out of your investment.

Clean Up Outside

Everyone always worries about keeping the inside of their homes pristine, but don’t forget to focus on your curb appeal!  After all, most potential buyers make up their mind about a property before they ever set foot through the door.  So, take a weekend to clean up any dead leaves or plants “decorating” your landscape.  Be sure to prune back the remaining trees and shrubs to maintain a good view of your home, while letting in at much light as possible.

For your outdoor entertaining spaces, give them a good scrubbing and/or re-staining when appropriate.  If you’ve got existing structures like patios, decks, or fences do a thorough inspection.  Are there any rotted or warped spots that need replacing?  Can it withstand another 5 to 10 years of exposure to the elements?  Any repairs that homebuyers will have to make within the first year can seriously dent your asking price, so you may just want to update these pieces yourself.

Let There Be Light!

Natural light is an essential element of any home on the market today.  Especially as the sun starts to set earlier and earlier when we’re heading into fall.  Want to know a quick trick to make your house look instantly brighter?  Clean your windows!  You may not notice all the smudges and dust that accumulates on them (inside and out), but potential buyers will. 

Not only does it dilute the natural light that’s trying to make its way in, but it also traps allergens that could deter some buyers.  So, get in there, scrub your windows until they shine, and also check for potential signs of wear and tear.  We can help you replace these features quickly and easily, if need be.

After you’re finished, pull back the curtains, throw up the blinds, and show off your hard work!  If certain rooms still need a little help, consider purchasing strategic accent lighting, such as small spotlights behind large furniture pieces.  This will chase away dark corners that can make your home appear smaller.

Accent Accordingly

Heading into fall, the staging changes considerable.  Remember, you want buyers to envision themselves in this home—in the very near future, not necessarily next summer.  So, put away your bright, summery decorations, and add some warm autumn tones instead.  While you don’t need to break out the pumpkins quite yet, adding an orange throw over here and an apple centerpiece over there will achieve the desired effect.  Interior designers often group bold accents in small groups of odd numbers—like 3 or 5—to get the point across without being overwhelming.

Don’t underestimate the power of smell, either!  People go crazy for pumpkin spice candles or the lingering aroma of freshly baked goods coming from the kitchen.  Use it to lure them in and (hopefully) they won’t want to leave!

This summer may have flown by, but that’s good news for people trying to buy or sell a home!  Fall brings a(nother) busy reason in the real estate market, and sellers have the advantage this year.  If you want to receive top dollar for your home, though, don’t forget to call in the experts at Excel Fencing & Decking to help you complete some of these simple projects.