Power Wash Your Fence and Deck

Feb 10, 2021 | Home Improvement

Should You Power Wash Your Fence and Deck?

Your brand-new fence and deck may look perfect on day one, but what about a year from now after they have withstood all four seasons and the varying weather conditions they bring? Should you power wash your fence and deck? It might just be the perfect time for your first power washing!


Is it Safe to Power Wash Your Fence and Deck ?

Power washing, when done correctly, is entirely safe for fences and decks. We have to remember that typical pressure washers are designed to clean various surfaces ranging from wood to concrete. As such, if you’re not careful, you could potentially severely damage and splinter your wooden deck using water pressure that is too high. If you are nervous about damaging your deck by washing yourself, you should seek a professional who uses soft washing techniques on more delicate materials.  This should leave your deck looking undamaged and squeaky clean!


When is the Best time to Power Wash?

If your deck and fence were constructed with pressure-treated lumber, we recommend having them power washed once per year. When you choose to do so is generally up to you, but we do have some tips.


It’s best to power wash when there is no threat of freezing temperatures. Naturally, water freezing will make the job impossible to complete. With that in mind, many homeowners wait until the start of spring to power wash their decks. The threat of freezing is gone by that point, and the threat of more winter weather should be gone as well. By the end, you’ll be ready to enjoy the spring and summer on a squeaky-clean deck!


 If you plan to stain or seal your deck to preserve its aesthetic, we highly recommend having it power washed first. If not, your sealer will trap any mildew, dirt or other materials that happen to be on your deck’s surface.


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