Porch Styles

Sep 15, 2021 | Outdoor Living

Porch Styles

When considering a new exterior addition to your home you want to think long and hard on what porch styles suit you. A porch is both a visual statement on your home and a functional luxury for you and your family and friends to enjoy. Often times, people look to build out their backyard in lieu of their front. But building a rapport with your neighbors mostly happens when you are out front. New trends in front yard gardens are changing the landscape (pun intended) on community connections. The best way to enjoy your neighborhood, and your neighbors, is with a welcoming front porch. Here are 4 types of porches you may want to consider.

The Classic Open Porch Styles

A classic styling, the open porch is probably the most common and most iconic style of porch. They typically have wide steps leading up to the porch. They provide a large outdoor seating area and establish a welcome feel to guests. If you are looking to turn your home into a picturesque community home, consider the traditional, classic, open porch.

The Large Wraparound Porch

A bit more historical, and a bit more southern, then large wraparound porch makes a statement. The scale of these buildouts enhances the footprint of your home, giving even smaller homes a more palatial feel. Having this large outdoor addition also conveys the message that you and your family prefer to be outside. Creating so much space allows the whole family, or large parties of friends, to mingle and move from one to the other. Of all of the port styles, the wraparound is the most social.

The Screened-In Porch

A bit more private, and a bit more practical for people in multi-season regions. The screened porch grants a little bit of privacy and protection while still being outside. The screens actually provide an element of sun shade which also means they make it slightly more difficult to see into. Obviously, they also have the practical effect of keeping out the bugs and animals as well. The screens act as buffers from the rain too. All-in-all, the screened porch is the practical porch. If you are a little more private, but also want to be outside to enjoy fresh air and your neighbors, the screened porch may be the right choice.

The Covered Porch

I know what you’re thinking, “aren’t all porches ‘covered’?”. Of course, they are. But specifically, the covered porch is similar to the screened-in porch except they are made with windows that can be opened. This is a compromise between the indoors and the outdoors. There is a greater level of flexibility here as it doubles as a sunroom. Covered porches are especially helpful in areas with more extreme weather and more intense seasons. Sitting out a thunderstorm in a large windowed porch can be soothing and dramatic. Of all of the porch styles, this is probably the most disconnected, and the closest to being an interior room. If you are most interested in privacy, but want the options of having a quasi-outdoor space, this is the choice for you.

Take all of these factors into consideration when thinking about porch styles for your home. And remember, for all your home improvement projects, including bathroom renovation, call Excel Fencing & Decking at 410-803-9949.