If you’re looking to spend more time outside, enjoying the pleasures of the outdoors, but don’t want the hassle of dealing with constant sun exposure or bothersome insects, you should consider building a screened porch. Excel Fencing and Decking does a lot more than what’s in our name, and building beautiful porches is a specialty we take great pride in. Protective porches give you the power to enhance the numerous wonderful features a deck already offers you, bringing your real backyard one step closer to the one in your dreams.

Weather Protection

One of the biggest benefits a porch can offer is the protection it affords from the elements. The shade of a porch roof can shield occupants against harmful UV rays during the summer months, and keep the deck below it free from all the troublesome problems rain and snowfall can cause, allowing you to comfortable enjoy the outdoors in any weather, rain or shine.

Bug Proof

We all know the pain and irritation insects can cause, especially during the summer months when every sunrise seems to greet a fresh discovery of itching bug bites. With a screened in porch, this longtime irritant will be a thing of the past. Excel can provide and install fine mesh screens to ensure that you can enjoy the outdoors in total comfort and relaxation, confident in your total protection from insects.

Increase Your Home’s Beauty and Value

Porches not only provide protection against nature’s more irksome elements, they also increase your home’s appearance and value substantially. Excel’s porches can be customized to fit within an incredibly diverse array of aesthetic styles, giving your home a unique look and feel, upping it’s value, and increasing its curb appeal to potential buyers.

Interested in Building a Porch?

Call Excel Fencing and Decking. With years of industry experience and access to the very best in porch construction materials, we’re Maryland’s number one choice for porch installation and customization. Whether you’re building a new porch from scratch or converting an existing structure, we’ve got the knowledge and materials needed to do the job right, and do it affordably.

Let Your Journey With Excel Fencing And Decking Begin!