Pool Party

Jul 17, 2019 | Outdoor Living

How To Make a Splash at Your Next Pool Party

There’s no better place to spend a hot July day than by the pool. Whether you want to work on your tan or splash around in the water, a pool is the perfect spot for summer fun and relaxation. But in the season of pool parties, how can you make your swimming hole stand out? If you want to make waves with friends and family this summer, here are four ideas to pull out all the stops in your pool area.

Enhance the Area with Landscaping

Your pool’s blue water may look awfully inviting, but don’t be afraid to add a splash of color. Showcase your style by enhancing the area with landscaping features. Growing vines like honeysuckle, jasmine, and passionflower along your pool fencing provides natural beauty and additional privacy. Planting bushes, edges, and ornamental grasses near your pool makes for a truly unique ambiance. Additionally, species including lemon grass, which naturally contains citronella oil, may help keep insects away from the water.

Nightly Light Shows at the Pool

With the right lighting, your backyard pool can look like something out of a five-star resort. Incandescent and LED options abound for both in-ground and above-ground pools, and many can be added to existing pools after the fact. Additionally, lighting schemes can be optimized to fit any size, design, or budget. To really light up those starry nights, install an illuminated laminar jet system. Your friends and family will be aglow as they gaze upon colorful streams of water shooting into your pool. Some systems even offer vertical or directional stream adjustment and the option of steady or scrolling colors.

A Walkway Worth Wandering

Get on the path to a cleaner and more pleasant pool experience by installing a walkway to your water feature. You’ll cut down on your cleaning by keeping grass clippings, dirt, and other debris out of the water (and on the lawn where they belong). Decorative concrete walkways add a touch of elegance, while stepping-stone paths offer an inexpensive alternative. Excel Fencing & Decking has been installing custom-designed walkways in Maryland for more than 20 years.  We offer a variety of attractive pathways for any property or pool.  Contact us today to learn more!   

Raise the Bar for Pool Parties

Make your pool party central by installing a bar. Whether your bar is poolside or swim-up, you and your guests will enjoy having drinks on-demand as you cool down in your in-ground pool. For a tropical vibe, try a tiki bar with thatched roofing. Swim-up bars offer the ultimate luxury experience thanks, in part, to stylish underwater stools and a selection of brews at the water’s edge. Options are limited for above-ground pools, although accessories like inflatable drink rafts and poolside cup holders allow for easy drinking.

From pool decks to pool fences, we’ve been enhancing the pools and properties for Maryland homeowners over the last two decades—and then some. Give Excel Fencing & Decking a call to make a splash this summer!